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Tata Indica / Worst service response

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My name is Mohammed Shahir from Kerala and I am the owner of TATA Indica from past one year.

I have a complaint regarding the service I am getting from Koyenko Motors, Calicut. I bought the vehicle on 27th December 2006 and its nearly one year, I became the owner of TATA Indica. Regarding the vehicle, I really appreciate its performance. But unfortunately I tell u the very bad service I am getting from the Koyenko Motors, Calicut for the periodical services for my vehicle. I sent my vehicle number KL 55 8516 on 6th November 2007 for doing the 20000 km services through my driver Mr Shaji, but the service persons told me that they cant do the periodical services because of the scarcity of staff due to DIwali holidays. So they told me to take the vehicle and come back after Diwali. As a customer, its not my duty check the staff availability of a service centre and I spent an amount of Rs 1500/- as the fuel charges and the driver TA for taking the vehicle to and fro to calicut and back to my house. ( calicut to my house is around 60 kms long )

After Diwali I sent the vehicle again to Koyenko Motors for doing the 20000 Kms service on 12th November 2007 and to change the air filter assembly which was damaged. As the air filter assembly was unavailable in Koyenko Motors, they assured me they will get one through their head office on 14th November 2007. Unfortunately I got the call from Koyenko on 14 th November and the staff told me the air filter assembly they got was not for Indica Petrol, they got it wrong from HO. I repeat this is also not my fault. The only fault I had was I bought an Indica and sent to Koyenko for service. The service people in Koyenko deals the bonafaid light vehicle customers as truck drivers and treat us like truck drivers.

I am using a Maruti Zen and my brother using Hyundai Accent which I get decent services from those people but the TATA persons responds very very bad.

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  • Dr
      24th of Dec, 2007
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    I am a owner of Tata Indigo GLX since Feb 2004. Today I sent my car to Jay motorsNH-60 ,OT Road,chowringee,Kharagpur,WB.India.As per my job chart there was only mild trembling onlifting of rear power window,but on servicing they made this power window invalid,and they conveyed this window to be replaced at about 4.00pm,though my car placed for servicing at 9.00am on the same day. my quarter is about 90 kms from this station& due to insufficient fund this work is pending.I think this is done due to inefficient labour thugh they charged labour charge Rs 1692.00,whereas on 25.08.2007 Chowrangee motors ,NH-6,Rupnarayanpore,Kharagpore,WB ,charged only Rs 404.00 for the same job.I do request u to take N/A & oblige.

  • Am
      28th of Aug, 2008
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    Dear Ratan;

    My name is Amol Goswami from Delhi and I am the owner of TATA Indica DLS from past one year. I have a complaint regarding the service I am getting from PAWA Motors, Delhi. I have purchased TATA INDICA V2 on April 30 year 2007 from PAWA Motors – Delhi; India. Regarding the vehicle, I really appreciate its performance but unfortunately the service which I am getting from PAWA Motors is very bad for the periodical services for my vehicle. I myself take my vehicle number DL8C M 4262 in August 2008 for doing the 20, 000 km services, I have gone for all the treatments which were asked to me to increase the life of my car by General Manager and Service Manager & “I spent good amount in service. I have spent amount of Rs: 4, 500/ - cash.”

    I have registered following complaints/ Problems in my CAR

    - Problem in overtaking car on Highway: I have to switch off my AC if I want to overtake any vehicle on Highway.
    - Average is not too good.
    - RPM meter once AC is on automatically comes at 1000 RPM but earlier it was set on 950 PRM
    - Car is twice failed in pollution checking
    - Brakes are not up to mark/ good for city but not for highway
    - Complete service to be done and check all the problems
    - Viper blades are not properly working once heavy rain occurs

    The service engineer told me that all these complaints will be taken care under service and we will deliver you the vehicle till 4:00 PM; I asked him to drop me till auto stand if any car is going out. He asked me to wait but after two hours he come to me and said that it’s already 11:30 there is no vehicle going you stay here and take the vehicle as it will be delivered to you after post lunch. He also ordered me that if I want to go home I can but they will not drop me and I have to travel at least 5 KMS by my own as there are no auto/ bus service nearby; but I decided to stay there. I feel very embarrass and decided to stay for 3-4 hours rather than going out from there.

    By the meanwhile I started reading vouchers and leaflets which ere kept on reception and cash counter. I come to know that BARDHAL is having a contract with TATA Motors and if any person is using all its treatment then on 20, 000 of his service or on 4th service his car will get certificate from AUTHORISED service station for all the treatment which will help in extended warranty. When I asked your service manager to provide me that certificate he updated me that he is unaware of this and will confirm first and provide me the same by EOD once I will take my vehicle back.

    At 3:30 PM my service engineer come back to me and update me that he won’t be able to deliver me my vehicle on time because it’s the vehicle has to go for test ride and washing. I will get my car delayed, how much? He was not having any answer against it. At 5:00 PM my car went for test ride and come back in one minute; in front of me engineer said that all the spares are working in good condition and he has taken good/ long round of 2 KMS in it. He was lieying in front off me. At 5:30 my car went for washing. Till then I understood that there was no service quality I went with my car till washing area. I was shocked to see that the person who was washing the car hasn’t cleaned the car properly. When I complaint to my service engineer he updated me that I am not authorized to go into service station and I should wait for the delivery of my car and do not disturb the people while they are in work. I was stunned to listen this answer from my service engineer in front of General Manager “PAWA Motors”.

    Then and there I complained to your General Manager and very coolly he updated me that “he is making salary of his employees and if I will again disturb him then we would make any mistake and I would be responsible for it; its better that I can wait in waiting lounged and drink hot coffee. He also updated me that we have the relation of 4.0 yrs as I have taken extended warrantee so we have to live properly” or else it will be bad for our future relations.”

    I got my car back at 7:30 PM and it was my wife birthday that day. I come to know that the dickey and left gate has scratches; when I asked my service manager for these scratches he started fighting with me that these scratches are earlier on doors and I am now blaming to them. I come to know that nothing is going to be happened. Neither the GM nor any other person is going to listen me and if these people got together they will start being me. I was feeling very unsecured. I also singed the document with “service done not satisfactory” I was not provided any certificate by GM – PAWA motors even when I demanded for it.

    When I was driving back to home I come to know that there are still following complaints left in my CAR. These are as follow:

    - Average is still not good.
    - RPM meter once AC is on automatically comes at 1000 RPM but earlier it was set on 950 PRM
    - Car is again failed in pollution checking
    - Brakes are not up to mark
    - Viper blades are not properly working once heavy rain occurs

    It simply means that they all have harass me & not look into my service area/ complaints; they have only changed the oils; make my meter move to upper side and delivered me the vehicle at 6:00 or 6:30 I don’t remember the exact time in spite of the commitment of 4:00 PM

    I also complained the same to your toll free number 1800-2096-6688; but the lady who picked up the call didn’t listed my complaint and asked me to take my vehicle back to that hell service station.

    Now Mr. TATA you answer my quarry? Is this the service you provide to your customers? I am also using a Maruti CAR and my brother using Maruti Desire which I get decent services from those people but the TATA persons responds very very bad. And what I suggest you must cancel there license or change the staff because at the end I don’t know the dealer I know RATAN TATA/ I know TATA company and I am very upset. It was the worst experience of my life and this experience has make totally negative.

    I know that you are the highest authority; I have tried to make show you the real picture now its up to you if you find ok then take proper action against faulty people and give me appropriate answer.

    Looking for your early and positive response

    Regards…/ Amol

  • Gu
      7th of Dec, 2010
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    Tata Indica - Poor Service
    Hind Motors

    I went to the Hind Motors service center in Industrial area, Mohali today to get my car checked for a couple of problems. I went around 10:00 AM and told the receptionist that I need to get my car checked. She asked me to wait for 5-10 minutes while a service advisor gets free. I waited for 15 minutes and no one came to check my car, I again asked the receptionist and she told me to wait for another 5 minutes. After another 15 minutes I could still not see anyone looking at my car. Then after more than 40 minutes of waiting, an advisor came and asked me what the problem is. I told him that it gives a lot of problem while starting in the morning. I also told him about the other problem. The service advisor noted something down on his job card but I was not so sure that he understood the problem. I again told him what the problems are. He then told me that they need to keep the car overnight so that they can check in the morning what the starting problem is. I told him that it's my only vehicle and I cannot keep it with them overnight. He insisted on keeping the car which I could not have done. I then told him that I can explain the whole problem to the technician and I am sure their technicians are good enough to understand and rectify it, but he kept on saying that they need to keep the car and cannot service it today itself. 1 hour had already passed by that time and seeing no resolution, I drove my car out of the service center and went home. Now, I will be showing it to a local technician and would never ever go to Hind Motors for any service or problem.

  • Ha
      6th of May, 2011
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    Service centers are not showing professionalism. Each service just like a trial to rectify the error and we need to pay for each service;trial. I given my car to one service center in Kollam, Kerala to rectify a complaint, showing high temperature and coolant is leaking which can not even find out, and they did the service, paid the bill(labour charge and parts). But still showing the complaint, again I go I have to pay for the service center to practice and master professionalism. Service center should take exact complaint from customer on Job card and has to clear it when they return the vehicle. Currently, we are paying for parts and service what they record, no guaranty.

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