Tata Indicaradiator fan switch


A 84 years old man approach me desperate with is tata indica 1.4 diesel saying is car overheated. They change thermostat, radiator fan switch, other type of radiator fan switch and later said bought the original switch from tata. I check the car from cold until get half temperature on gauge of speedo meter. Show me no signs of compression to water system, thermostat opening properly water flows well because I fit new water pump. So even when the car is close to half way gauge temperature still no building pressure into coolant system. Means is no damage into head gasket or cracks in cylinder head. I fit a on/ of switch to switch the radiator fan manually. I went to tata agents get prices of radiator fan switch and a vacuum pump hose pipe, was a mission and half for him to find what I want, (seems like I talk chinese to them.) was no stock, need to be ordered. I went to tata germiston and they gave me prices in what I asked, and I need to pay up front, I enquirer properly about the spares and if is really the proper radiator fan switch for the car. They order the spares and when I want to pick them up I discovered the radiator fan swicth is exactly same as the one I was carrying, scared I just ask if is original and if is going on radiator to switch on the fan. They said is for the radiator but I can returned it before monday. So I told him sound good and I want that car solved and the old man can drive in peace of mind, also I told him at home i'll test the switch in kettle with multi meter before fit on car and see if switch on or not before the water start bowling, I always do it with all thermostat and fan switch new or used. My surprise friday night testing the switch I find out is not working. Saturday morning I went to the dealer spares and say is not working. We told me is having a lot of that problems. Than I said that"s why I don't want to fit on car with spanners. I tested in water. Now we wants to know how I can test it without fitting on car, workshop manager comes with a lot of rubbish excuses and telling me that switch needs to run true ecu to switch the fan and he told me I damage the switch putting into water, I didn't know all in my life this switch are not allowed to have contact with water, factory fails to design they radiators to not have contact with water radiator and fan switch, by the way this car fan runs power from battery true normal relays to switch on the fan, is not fitted with latest fan relay control module true ecu. I was refused to get my money and no option of testing the part for me and proof i;m wrong. Sunday i'm fitting a fan switch into this car and already tested like the others hundreds in my ketle. I learned in my life how to earned my money and not to still it. I;m been robbed by tata agents in germiston buying they rubbish. Tony [protected]

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