Tara Mediumshe a fraud

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Tara rooked me, I got my first "telepathic reading" yesterday I decided to listen to it before the time we had schedualed and all I can say is it basically told me I had to do everything my self and that by telling myself that things were going to work out that my life, that my life would change... Everything she says you can get form any horoscope on the internet or in book. I also got the reading that everyone on this site is talking about as well. It also told that I had someone performing black magic on me that if I didnt get her help immediately that future was going to get really bad very soon. I will post the readings after in a different message but the only way to get full attention to this matter is to post everywhere u possibly can... Meaning fb twitter my space anywhere that you can think of so she doesnt do this to anyone else...
Please it is very imporatant that everyone do this so she doesnt rip anyone else off!

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  • Da
      Oct 14, 2010

    Tara Medium had better not ME find them either. I should inform them my email's conected to the special email fraud unit and is being tracked down as we speak so they should have sent their last email if they don't want to wind up in prison!!

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