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I got a free reading by tara and they seem to say Im going to meet my fate in three days and if I don't act and pay for her services this has upset me alot and she keeps saying there is a negtive enity trying to issue me bad luck and harm me I want to block her but at same time was fasinated by what she said but the last e-mail has shocked me if she is a medium and I know they have to get paid for what they do can't she tell that someone jasn't got a credit card and that it upsetting to say that in 3 days its to late fo them.

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  • Ca
      Nov 08, 2010 just found a site that exposes her as afruad i now shall be blocking the only one giving negative vibes is her xx

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  • Ca
      Nov 13, 2010

    catherine, you’re playing with fire!

    You may risk missing out on a large sum of money that should be yours within 15 days...

    To be sure you get it, quickly read what you should do before it’s too late!

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    Your devoted friend,


    Visionary Medium
    This is what that person sent me it has angered me more then any thing and can't believe I can't block her neither. I sent her a message and I get a automated reply.

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