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Tapjoy is a partener of Nekki, witch is the developer of Shadow Fight 3 (SF3) . Trough Tapjoy, players are able to receive in-game currency "gems", that can also be bought with real money, by installing other apps and achieving their objective.

After having an issue with one of Tapjoy's promotions I sent them a report trough the Tapjoy wall on SF3, because I still hadn't received the gems, which was a considerable sum. When they answered back, that same wall that had a load of completed objectives was cleaned.

A couple days after, they answered back saying everything was taken cared and they were sending me the reward, but did not said how much. I replied back asking about the amount stating it was supposed to be above 1000. I remember it was 4 digits. Tapjoy did not answer. I waited for a few days and no reward...

Then I researched a bit and found the same kind of complaint here on complaints from someone smarter than me who had a screen shot of that same objective. About 4000 gems. I imediatly sent another e-mail TJ about this, always replying to the same e-mails and nothing. Not even an excuse.

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    Just in case

    Tapjoy Request [Case 13944134]- Reach Power 100K in Final Fantasy X: ref:_00D30pf03._5001B1DmN2b:ref

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    Almost a month and no answers. Awesome service from Tapjoy. I must say, they were quick in the beginning of the complaint but I'm being completely ignored after confronting them (politely). Shame. Thumbs down.

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    Stopped using Tapjoy. I have their email saying I would receive the reward, which I have not, and they never replied back to my other e-mails. I'm also considering not touching any game that has Tapjoy as a partner.

    Tapjoy scams.

Oct 17, 2018

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