TapJoy / no offer, no research and now, no more account. are you getting nuts?

Hi but what a hell is going on. Every time Tapjoy got double rewards, I have no access to offers, no access to research... worse now, Since 2days. I Got big troubles to connect to my account, the entire content of tap research is blank not available, try to reconnect on safari, my mail would not exist any longer ... so I try by recreating an account and now I got on the developer side where I don't belong??? What's going on... no offers, nothing.. very discontent... I'm a serious Covet player and honestly fill my small research. I repeat I'm not an app developer or publisher jezz reconnect my account. Please help me, this time I'm not letting this go without asking for reparations... I want a compensation for huge loss of all diamonds I could have win and that I needed so badly to start another season on Covet. Thanks 4 helping 🙏


May 28, 2018

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