TapJoy / no communication about coins, from a game app, that I am missing from completing an offer from your company.

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I completed a Tapjoy sponsored offer, on the WWE Slam card trader app, and did not receive the guaranteed coins for doing so. On 3/4/17, I completed an offer from the Disney Movie Club, which stated I would receive 1, 063, 000 or so coins to be used in the WWE app. I never received the coins, and I submitted a form from your page on the app. I received an automated email requesting further information, which I provided by replying to the automated email. I have not heard from customer support, and have not received the coins. Can someone please look into this for me? I paid actual money to sign up for the Disney Movie Club, and feel really cheated that I have not received the guaranteed coin reward for doing so.


Mar 07, 2017

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