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I read a lot of these complaints. I've had some similar problems that I was able to resolve after submitting proof. When you click on an offer in design home it states you will need proof is there us an issue. My issue is not so much with the fact that i'm not rewarded my diamonds right away because there's technical issues and i'm a very understanding person. Things can happen. It's frustrating to go through that process and then have to wait to get your diamonds. My biggest issue with them is the fact that they are not clear about almost everything. They do not tell you there's a limit to how many offers you can complete, nor do they state anywhere that there is a limit to how many inquiry requests you can make in a 24 hour period. It does not state this in their terms of service through design home or their personal websit. So I made a few requests in one day, not exactly at the same time, and they rejected all of the ones I had made in a 24-hour period and sent me an email saying that i'm violating their terms of use and that all my requests are up for denial because of suspicious activity. Now this was automatic! They didn't even research it or look into it yet. Thinking I missed something I read the terms of service in detail and there was no mention of it. I went to their website. On the website, I also read their terms of service and there's nothing in there in regards to this. I did learn that there's a lot of issues because it's third party companies they're dealing with. A lot of big companies are using them and they cannot handle it because there's too many errors. If you make an inquiry request, they literally tell you that automatically. Along with accusing me of this without letting me defend myself, there was a threat that I won't ever be able to use their services in the future if it continues. Trying to eat crow and prevemt the situation frim repeating because I was disappointed, angry, and frustrated about this magical multiple ticket alert, I inquired as to the limit of inquaries in 24 hours. No response anywhere from anyone. Luckily, I am a planner and read instructions so I have collected evidence and screenshots on every offer and every detail.. If there was a limit, I wouldnt have wasted my time on offers that typically require one. Actually i've dealt with reward errors mire than mist situations, it took a couple days but I was compensated. I've had rewards change on me with no warning. They realize that most of the time their instructions say one thing and the third-party offer is another and you have to let them know and they will reward you if you can get them to review it. Now some offers won't let you submit a request for 36 hours and others 24 hours and it's frustrating because the point of it is to collect diamonds to purchase items in the design home game so when this constantly happens it ruins the game itself. If you are trying to get a few extra diamonds for a couch on a challange ending you may as well eat that plan. This company has so many problems and so many errors and instead of solving them they just continue to do the same. Like I said earlier I understand how things work and I realized that sometimes for good things you have to wait, but I am giving my time, information, and effort into something in order to get something back. This company isn't the ones that are going to have to deal with the constant phone calls from solicitors or the constant emails or anything else that comes with completing the random offers. I feel for some of the people on here I saw didn't prepare to collect evidence on the things they completed. Honestly we shouldnt have to but they do state its a possibility. As I stated earlier, it doesn't matter sometimes! I have two situations where I completed the offers. I have all the evidence and they stated that it's not rewarded on my design home offer wall, yet it'll suddenly say that it's resolved. So basically they're saying we know we didn't reward you for it, you gave us info, but we're not going to do anything about it. I even have documented evidence of this.


  • Updated by Tiffany May Van Lengen, May 30, 2018

    I did notice through that email, it states I can replay to the email with proof of the offer completion I can have a reward specialist review it. Well, if you over whatever the number of inquiry requests tapjoy considers "multiple requests, " because I still don't know the answer to that, all claims made 24 hoirs before are denied. In your email you can search by case number and respond to each one. Unfortunately, I using have a request resolved in a day or so. Any of the deied reviews have been still pending with no reply for a week. I haven't even received an email stating they will get to it when possible. All the reward states on status is "Waiting for tapjoy customer service to take action." Well it said that since the beginning so who knows whats going to happen.

May 28, 2018

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