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Helldemon W (my nick) in Game of War game have got 10 lvl of base. Please, sent me my reward to Avakin Life account. Please be more humane!!! :"(((( Even i am late, please! My email: [protected] (in Avakin account i have another email!) What else? I bad know english, but i have done the tapjoy offer very well, and in right time. I had time at the agreed time, I registered and raised the base in the game long before the expiration of the agreed 7 days, I fulfilled all the necessary conditions, and I expect a reward for a month already. I'm very patient as you see !! Please reward me for the efforts that I made, for the money that I spent on the Game of War to get avacoins in Avakin life. After all, if you are scattered by such proposals, you can somehow follow the rules on your part. My nick in Game of War "Helldemon W", in Avakin life i have 2 accounts, because I first started the game on another phone (iphone - nick Alexander Russia), and there was another account opened, then I registered my mail in the game (registered), reinstalled the game on my phone (android - nick Olga Russia) and reached the level of 10 bases in the agreed time. The reward you need to transfer (in Avakin life) to an account Olga Russia.


May 11, 2017

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