Tan Your Hide / unprofessional

north academy blvd., Colorado Springs, CO, United States

the first time I walked into this salon. I thought it was a nice setup, then, I walked in and didn't feel like the employees cared whatsoever. I was asked my last name as soon as I walked in. I had to ask every questin, I asked the manager to be shown around, she didn't even show me the uv-free mystic. I wasn't told what the beds do for my skin. I asked her everything I needed to know about the membership because she didn't go into details about the membership and made me feel like, me, myself, couldn't afford a level three membership. The beds were not completely clean, mind you, the acrylics look like they will break at any moment. I brought my own eyewear because I don't feel the eyewear used by other clients are clean enough for my standards. The very next day I had an even worse experience with the tanning consultant behind the counter. I feel the customer service could have been way better. She looked like she just rolled out of bed, still had a bandana on, she just looked like she couldn't tell me how I could get the best possible tan. She didn't stand up, didn't greet me, again, just asked my last name. And she proceeded to have a complete attitude because on the computer it stated I owed money, but just the day before I pre-paid my membership. Then I asked her what type of eyewear was sold there, then she responded, goggles. I even knew the brands of eyewear they sold. She didn't know how to explain lotion nor the beds either. She proceeded to clean beds and after cleaning mine, it didn't even looke like it was even cleaned, so I took the solution myself and cleaned it. I just think the only thing going for this store is the bulbs getting changed on time. I still tan because I have a membership and it's close to my home, but, the customer service from the employees SUCK! I would love to be able to contact the corporate office myself because I feel like even if I write about my complaint it will not be resolved. But thank you for your time.

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