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Over a year ago I received a call for a free Gov’t cell phone …. I never received it from Tag mobile and forgot about it

I received a letter from them to renew TAG mobile Account # 963862. It’s been over 6 months now I have been trying to get them to close Account # 963862 that is being used by someone out there.

I just finished speaking with a supervisor who said he will close it [protected]).

  • Jaye5150's Response, Mar 24, 2018

    Can’t log in my tagged app on my iPhone. It’s saying authentication failed

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  • Ta
      Jan 07, 2013

    TAG Mobile has reached out to the above customer in an attempt to provide a solution to the difficulties he experienced on behalf of TAG Mobile. Upon further investigation, we discovered that the customer was in fact shipped a mobile phone, but for whatever reason he refused to accept the package at the time it was delivered. During one of his calls to our customer service department we offered to ship a replacement phone to the customer but he again refused and requested that the account just be closed out. For some unknown reason the account was not properly closed out at the time the customer requested. For that we do apologize. We can assure the customer that no money was ever collected from the government for this account as the phone was never activated by the customer. This account has been closed out as of the date the customer mentioned above. Should the customer ever wish to reopen this account in the future we would be more than happy to do so and provide him with a free handset and minutes.

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  • Sa
      Mar 15, 2017

    @TAG Mobile TAG owes me a lot of money for working as an agent. Now they won't even talk to me. Try to resolve that

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  • Us
      Aug 09, 2017

    @TAG Mobile

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  • Ta
      Nov 10, 2013

    ### you collected like you do for the million other people that you refuse to close accounts.

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  • Le
      Oct 15, 2015

    Tag mobile llc is in the fraud business, we have proof that tag mobile llc sells social security numbers as well as other customer proprietary info. They cheat the state as well as the consumer. Our team is dedicated to bringing this to an end. We have filed and have vigorously have associates dedicated into bringing tag mobile to the end of there cheating business days.

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  • Du
      Feb 05, 2016

    I recently applied for lifeline thru Tag mobile. I had to submit my proof 3 times. Anyway, after a couple days i checked to see the status, and I noticed nothing had been done. So I contacted them via live chat and was told they were having technical difficulties. So, I pushed for info. Then I was told everything on my app was good, that they were Just having technical difficulties, to please be patient, and give it a couple weeks. I told her (Julia) I couldn't wait that long and to please cancel my app. She tried to talk me out of it and when I persisted she suddenly said that after rechecking, that I was denied. I told her that was impossible because I've always had a life line and have Never been denied, having met "3" criteria of proofs. Then she said: Well you ate denied! Check with Your government! "My government"? Where the hell are these people? I feel something shady is going on which is why I'm complaining.

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  • Ju
      Mar 17, 2016

    I have been on lifeline for 3 years I know I qualify. I have been stonewalled for 7 weeks now.
    One lie after another. I called on the 17th March 2016 after being told 7 different times that YES I would receive the phone and get one excuse after another excuse.
    First the indian boy told me there was a backlog and the phone were on backorder and I would not receive it for another 2 to 3 weeks this is after waiting 7 weeks already! Then his sister gets on the phone and tells me that they lost all of my personal information. Then when I get upset she lies again and says Oh it is TAG's fault not ours? Not Ours? I thought I was talking to TAG!!!
    Well I ask to speak to a supervisor and much to MY surprise I get "Julia Roberts"! Fancy that!. She procedes to tell me that TAG mobile LOST my information, when I get upset that my SS#, DOB, address, phone number are now lost she lies to me again said Oh TAG didnt submit your information in a timely manner and Your Government rejected your application!
    NOT a SINGLE truthful employee in the entire company.
    They Lie to customers.
    They steal money from our government.
    They steal customers personal information for identy theift.
    they lie about their location.
    They make up fake name so you cannot make complaints against them.
    This company should be investigated and shut down!

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  • Sa
      Mar 15, 2017

    I worked for Tag as an agent signing people up for government phones. When customers started having issues I tried to help resolve them thru tag and it was a nightmare so I did not want to promote any more business for this company and quit. They still owe me a lot of money and don't even want to talk to me.they are stealing from me and you and the government

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  • Ja
      Aug 20, 2018
    Tag Mobile - iPhone app
    United States

    I can't log in to my tagged app on my iPhone. It's saying authentication failed

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