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I ordered wow gold and was charged, it was supposed to be there in 24hr and 4 days later it said it was delivered but wasn't. Web site said contact us 24/7 @ [protected] and # doesn't work also says 24/7 live online support and nobody is ever online it always says offline cant get a e-mail or call from them.

Don't buy wow gold from this company!!!

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  • As
      7th of Dec, 2007
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    Worst company ever. Ordered power leveling service from them. Result was slowest leveling ever, and they used my account for their gold transfers and got me banned. Then tried getting refund each time they said ok ill have refund within 30 minutes... 8 days later NO REFUND STILL. Never ever use this website.

  • Mi
      25th of Jan, 2009
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  • Ba
      7th of May, 2009
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    they are a bunch of liers and have no mercy. I gave them my hard earned dollars, and they didn't gave me what I paid for. All I want is my 2000 gold or my money back. But they keep saying that the delivery has been made. Then where the hell is my gold. I tried to explain to them that I had no gold in hand or in the mailbox. But they just keep giving me the same phrase-gold delivered. and their customer service is very rude. I spend money and didn't get what I paid for and I didn't even get good customer service. I am now working on with paypal to get my money back. I won't let them fool me like this, never!

  • Cl
      20th of Jul, 2009
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    Yup happened to me to. I had PROOF used LOGICAL thinking and I was still told the same thing. "You were delivered every piece."

    Here is my convo with them:

    Please wait for a site operator to respond.

    All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.

    All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.

    You are now chatting with 'Recy'

    Recy: Hello, welcome to SwagVault. How may I help you today?
    Cory: Yes. im fine. Ive bought 30mil and ive only recived 15 but my order says its been completly given to me
    Recy: 1667651 Star Wars Galaxies Bria 30 30 delivered history clay
    Recy: yes we have delivered fully
    Recy: check it plz
    Cory: I have checked it
    Cory: i only have 15
    Cory: do u want me to pull logs? i never got the money
    Recy: no worries
    Recy: let me check for you
    Recy: well
    Recy: we have screenshots
    Recy: showing we have delivered 30
    Recy: do you want to look at it
    Cory: then how do i have 15?
    Cory: yes i would
    Recy: ok
    Recy:, right ?
    Cory: um i changed it awhile ago
    Cory: its now
    Recy: ok
    Recy: sec plz
    Cory: ok
    Cory: also i only have 15bank transfer mails as well
    Recy: sefc plz
    Recy: sec plz
    Cory: i have the logs if u need me to send them to u
    Recy: sec plz
    Recy: oh, our guy sent to
    Recy: check it polz
    Recy: plz
    Cory: ok i will. give me a second
    Recy: ok
    Recy: :)
    Cory: yup. it shows 15 transfers
    Cory: sorry i mean 10
    Recy: there are 2 screensnots
    Recy: shots
    Cory: well i dont have the money and i have logs that prove i dont have the money
    Cory: so this is what i want u to do, i want u to look at my past history with u guys and see im legit
    Cory: then we need to find out whats going on because if i dont get a refund OR my money im reporting this to paypal along with this website.
    Cory: i dont want to make any trouble, i just want what i paid for
    Recy: hi
    Recy: but the fact
    Recy: as you see
    Recy: we have delviered 30 to you already
    Cory: screenshots can be photoshoped
    Cory: what im telling u is. i dont have the money
    Recy: oh
    Cory: so tell me what u are going to do. do u want me to report this? or are u going to refund my money or give me the rest of my credits
    Recy: no
    Recy: we wont scamme you only for 30
    Cory: oh but u will for more?
    Cory: i have a great standing with paypal, dont think i wont get my money back. if u dont give me the rest of my credits u will be screwed out of the monmey i paid and the 15 u already gave me
    Cory: like i said. i dont want trouble i just want what i ###ing paid for.
    Recy: sry
    Recy: but as you know, we have alsready delivered fully
    Cory: but u didnt!
    Cory: do u want my logs?
    Cory: ill send them to u
    Recy: logs ?
    Cory: sorry screenshots
    Cory: u can see i only got 15 both from my mail and from my chat window
    Cory: I sent the screenshot
    Cory: I have a screenshot and u have a screenshot. both proving eachother. i paid for a service that was not fulfilled for me. so if the money was lost or whatever, im still owed my service.
    Cory: if im a truck driver and im delievering lumber and i love 3/4 of it on the road, i still owe them that lumber since they paid for it. same thing here
    Cory: loss* not love sorry haha
    Cory: are u there?
    Recy: yes
    Cory: are nu working on getting my credits or do i need to report this to paypal?
    Recy: sec plz
    Cory: if i have to report this u lose my buisness as well and as u can see from ur hostory of me i work with u guys alot
    Recy: wait for a while plz
    Cory: i have work in like 10mins bro
    Recy: ok
    Recy: and
    Recy: your account is one trial or formal ?
    Cory: formal
    Recy: well
    Recy: i have checked again
    Recy: an d as you can see
    Recy: we have delivered 30
    Recy: 20+10
    Cory: ok im saving this convo and screenshots and sending this to paypal
    Cory: Have a good day

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