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Orion Suzuki, Kormangala, Bangalore, India

This is regarding the first service that I had with you guys which was such a horrible experience as a customer and has led to a huge dissatisfaction as a customer's point of view. The Job Card number for my access 125 with chassis number MB8DP11AKJ8A08158 is JC/3081. At the time of purchase the dealer's had promised me that the charges for extra fittings including the crash guard frame, mat, hand grip and number plate will be Rs 2000/- plus tax. And at the time of first service, the advisor of that particular center informed me that I'll be charged Rs 2700/- for the same to which I agreed to. However, post the service, I was surprised to see a bill of Rs 4300/- for the same accessories that they had promised me for Rs 2700/- and when I asked for an explain for the difference, the advisor shocked me by informing me that it was an calculation mistake from his part and I had to pay the entire amount for the service. This is something that is to be looked into as it is an irresponsible act from their end where I had to pay double the amount that I was supposed to pay for the same accessories. I request you to kindly check on to this as I'm completely dissatisfied with this act from your employees who did this.

Nov 28, 2018

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