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First off, I understand that we ALL need Photo ID nowadays BUT, common sense I think is needed more. Our youth does not have any of it I'm afraid. I am a 40 year old male with grey hair, married with kids. I recently purchased gas from a local Sunoco station with my Corporate Sunoco gas card by doing so at the outside pump (no interaction with people and $40 purchase) when done, my son wants a snack and mother a pack of smokes, yeah I know its bad, I tell her all the time. Anyway, the young lady at the front who appears to be no older than 21 asks me for ID, I tell her I forgot my wallet at home nut I'm obviously over 18 here is my son, my Grey hairs I mean come on...Says back to me "sorry we must have ID" I say back to her " I go to other Sunoco stations and they don't even ask me for ID and it's ok that I just purchased $40 worth of gas on a credit card at the pump but I can't buy a pack of smokes for $9 and a candy bar without ID? " I ask for a manager and the manager backs up the employee!!! Mind you, he only looks to be 25 at best! Like I said in the beginning, I know its important to have ID today BUT where is the Common Sense?? I am not anywhere near 18 nor am I wealthy, with cosmetic surgery to appear younger. I am simply a 40 yr. old man who went into a Sunoco store to buy cigarettes for his mother and a candy bar for his son simply to be turned away because I do not have ID to purchase the smokes! I just strongly believe that we need common sense in this store and many other places around the United States. Between the lack of Common Sense and the watchful Political Correctness we are doomed in the future. Thank you for allowing me to post this. I hope I get feedback.

Jan 23, 2015
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  • Mk
      23rd of Jan, 2015

    I agree that it is common sense that you are over 18 but some newer cash registers require them to enter the ID info to complete the transaction. In some cases, these companies have been fined by the government for not getting ID for all purchases.

    Instead of making a BIG deal out of something like this, why not act your age and just accept that they are doing the job the way they are ordered to do.

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  • Je
      24th of Jun, 2017

    It seems that you're the one lacking common sense. It is illegal to drive a car without your driver's license in your possession! Don't break the law and then expect someone else (the clerk at the gas station) to break the law and their employer's rules simply because you made a mistake. Welcome to the computer age. Nowadays, to complete a sale of an age-restricted product, like cigarettes, the sales clerk must enter your ID information into the cash register. Expecting the manager to make an exception for you because you are obviously a very special and important person is a prime example of how self-involved people are today.

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