Sunoco / aplus food service people

West palm bch, US

This morning, my husband and I went to Sunoco to get fuel and some breakfast. We ordered 2 sandwiches and paid while we waited. A few people ordered after us, and also stood in line. The 2 girls making the food kept looking at us while speaking a different language making it pretty obvious that they were talking about us. Literally every single person who came in after us got their food and left while we were still waiting. I asked how long before ours was ready since we ordered a while ago. I got a nasty look from her and she didn't answer me, walked away and proceeded to refill the plexi box with the pre-made sandwiches. I waited a minute and asked her again. She rudely responded that it'll be ready in a minute. After a few more minutes and speaking to the other csr in a different language while looking at me, my sandwich was ready. She put it aside (unwrapped) and started making other food! I finally had enough after 30mins of waiting and asked firmly to wrap it up and give it because I was done waiting. I go to that station almost every day. She has been consistently rude and I have yet to say something, but today was the last straw. I hope this issue can be resolved. My number is [protected]. Please call me if you have any questions.
Thank you,
Kristina Calhoun

Mar 17, 2017

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