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Sunl / Buyer beware!

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In april of 2006 i purchased 6 atv's from a sunl dealer thru ebay. This dealer, who i will not name, has been so very helpful. I have no complaints at all about him. He has sent me box after box of parts for free. What absolutely floors me, is how incredibly poorly these things are made. My kids are all average sized, ranging from 6 yrs old to 11 yrs old. They only ride them on the weekends in our 4. 5 acres of flat as can be grass yard. No jumps, tricks, rough riding, nothing. These things have been an endless headache for me. I seriously can't tell you how many hours and hours i have spent trying to make these things work. Here are just a few problems i have encountered: constant carb problems - float needles sticking open causing the carb to empty the entire fuel tank all over the ground / floor. Needles sticking shut causing the engine not to start. Fuel lines cracking and leaking all over the hot engine after only one month of riding. Dead batteries every weekend causing me to need to jump start them off of my battery charger just to get them going. All of them have had the chains break at least once. The frame on one of the 110's broke in half where the swingarm meets while my 60 lb daughter was riding it, luckily she was not hurt. All of them have had parts break, fall off, loosen up, etc for no reason. I got to the point where i was putting loctite on everything! I could go on and on. At this point, only one of the six i purchased is running. They are parked permanently. Now, i knew that these were not going to be as good as the hondas that i originally wanted to buy (The hondas are 5 times the $) , but i didn't think these things would be so terribly made and downright dangerous. In the end, i guess you do get what you pay for. Buyer beware!


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A  12th of Oct, 2006 by 
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I totally agree. The SUNL ATV's are dangerous low quality junk that I wouldn't put my kid on. Someone is going to get hurt.
A  2nd of Jan, 2007 by 
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I totally agree that Sunl has junk and there needs to be something done about them.
A  2nd of Jan, 2007 by 
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This complaint is right to the point. What can be done about Sunl and their junk? Do we have to wait to one of our precious children are killed before somethings done about this company and its products.
A  22nd of Jan, 2007 by 
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Lets see "needles stick open" "needles stick closed" ,which is it cant be both! 99% of the time a needle (float needle) problem is caused by fuel contamination. Pre-ride check list? Ever do it? Ever read the owners manual? If kids riding these are inexperienced,they need supervision and training on proper operation of the unit with-in it's parameters. Even the "5 times the cost" other brand you mentioned will fail without proper maintenance and operation. Sounds like more than just the fault of the product. ALL powersports products break,usually operator inflicted or neglected. Are these units "big four" quality NO,but they are far from 'Big Four" price either.They are good quality for the price paid. I service these and all the 'big four' brands daily and am "big -four" factory certified,these Chinese products are pretty good for what you are paying.Believe it or not some of the engines in the "big four" products are produced by THESE people! Maintenance ,supervision,proper operation and prevention of abuse will cure your problems.FYI
A  15th of Mar, 2007 by 
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I agree. Sunl totally sucks. There product is crap. It is not worth what you pay for them in any shape, form or fashion. I have one of the gokarts it is has been a nightmare. Constantly breaking down, nut and bolts falling off and coming loose and the list can go on. I do supervise my kids when they ride and it is a good thing. While riding, in our yard (keep in mind that these kart come with a written statement they are intended solely for off road use) the kart flipped throwing both from the kart and they were both wearing seat belts. The seat belts in these things are worthless. They couldn't hold a baby doll in place. Thank goodness my kids were wearing helmets, but they still suffered some pretty nasty injuries. These karts are junk. And if that isn't enough, just try getting parts for them. Even as a dealer, I couldn't hardly get any parts. I finally gave up and dumped the line. Stay away from SUNL. You will be doing yourself and your family a great favor.
N  15th of Mar, 2007 by 
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I am just writing in regards to these other emails... I have 2 wonderful stepdaughters and me and my wife decided to get them what they wanted for there birthday... We bought the sld 7occ xt dirtbike for the 7 yr old have had no problems... Except crashing and snapin the bars off luckily there honda compatible replacement parts.. We then bought the 110cc 4wheeler for the 10yr old have had no problems whatsoever and i recently bought a sld110ccxt dirt bike for my self from my dealer himself he race, i'm 23 and pound the snot out of this bike i must say u people do get your moneys worth.. Word of advice if u know anything about these off or on road machines its always good to take all axles and moving parts and clean and grease with proper grease yourself if i noticed if u have done this 99% of the time these come from factorys with lil to no grease at all... And always check bolts and nuts! Trust me you will go a lot farther in the machines life if u just cared about them to want them around.. P.s. Just so everyone knows if u own the sld 70 or 110 cc dirtbikes all plastics and just about everything on them is honda 50 cc compatible.. Right now my personal 110 cc dirt bike is 65% honda..
D  21st of Mar, 2007 by 
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I totally disagree with u peeps claiming about how they're junk, and do agree with the ones that say u get what u pay for. Back in early Feb. I bought my stepson (8y.o. about 80 lbs. or so) a Sunl Hanma 110 ATV. He's an experienced rider, He's been riding them since before I met his mother, so more than 4 years. And aside from regular maintenance, I've had no troubles. Chains are going to stretch/break. His is parked for right now, his brake pads are worn out. But, he rides it DAILY, goes mudding in it (and these aren't meant for that), jumps it, and our land (3.5 Acres) isn't level ground at all. I mean for paying $420 I can't complain one bit. I totally side with Rick and Zach.
A  3rd of Apr, 2007 by 
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The fact that these four wheelers are poorly made is absolutely true, and to add headache to injury, the dealer who sold my daughter's to me neglected to mention the laws and statutes concerning appropriate size for age class, the required education classes and registration documentation. So not only is the product poorly constructed, but due to the laws where I live and the fact that I would use it at public locations, my child is completely unable to use it. Which I guess isn't so bad considering the safety issues that other Sunl owners have experience. Stay very far away from the Sunl products!! do not make the same mistake that I did.
A  23rd of Apr, 2007 by 
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I bought 2 four wheelers for my two daughters for a Christmas present from sunl the first thing that happened was when they were delivered one of them was the wrong color it was suppose to be pink and it was a hunters camo yellow for a boy and this was a Christmas present for my daughter and i hand her this boy looking four wheeler i contacted sunl and they said they didnt have the one i ordered so just sent me the wrong one hoping i would be happy well i was not it took from the end of nov. To just a few days ago to get the new body that i ordered i am so disappointed with these four wheeler every time we attempt to ride them they literally fall apart both of them are a piece of junk all the problems i read you had i have had the same things wrong with mine and every time i try to contact them they are full of excuses i think they're waiting for the year warranty to be up so then theres no chance of getting any help from sunl we bought these and they dont even run and were suppose to just say oh well we got ripped off its not fair we should get a refund or something i feel like we totally got ripped off.
N  24th of Apr, 2007 by 
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My son 8 yr old got a 90cc for x-mas. We have had a few probs. but nothing too bad. But not I need help! It won't start. Won't even turn over. It's not the battery, what else could it be? Can anyone help?
A  17th of May, 2007 by 
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SUNL products are JUNK. Very poorly manufactured with inferior materials, faulty components and lousy workmanship. The warranties are useless and replacement parts are hard to get. Trust me, I know SUNL very well... I was a SUNL dealer up until just a few months ago. We had problems with almost every ATV, go kart, dirt bike, etc that we got from SUNL. Unhappy customers continually returned SUNL products for repair or parts. More time was spent fixing than riding. After a few refunds and chargebacks, we simply dropped the product line. SUNL simply does not distribute a decent reliable product that is worth buying or selling in my opinion. So, bottom line, if your having good luck with your SUNL, you're among A FEW. Don't waste your money! SUNL is the worst!
N  23rd of May, 2007 by 
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I recently bought a sunl sld 29 125cc dirtbike. It broke the day i bought it. The bolts that hold the motor to the frame snapped while riding it. It hit me on my leg making a large bruise. After i fixed that the valves in both tires busted. Then the dealer charged me $35 for 1 tube but kawasaki charged $5 for a better tube. The sunl tube busted again the kawasaki didn't give a problem. Then my throttle cable broke. The price for a new one was outrageous. After i fixed that, the clutch cable broke again the price was outrageous. After that the bolts on the motor broke again making another bruise on my leg. Not only that parts break but they are of poor quality the clutch on it is very bad, and doesn't have any pull. The bolts on the suspension are always loose. I have to tighten them before during and after i ride. The chain stretches so fast that i have to tighten it two times a day. The chain has broken twice making me flip both times the bike landed on my leg, and i was only in 2nd gear. The bearing in the wheels are very bad i bent mine and had to change them, and they bent on level ground while moving very slow. The air filter is always needing to be cleaned. The carburetor is made of low quality and it floods for no reason. You can't find many parts to make it better. The sponsorship sticker on the bike are just stickers those parts aren't really on it. I think that everyone should get together and do something to stop them. And my problems can't be blamed on poor maintenance because i take care of it, all my problems happed within a month of buying it!!! And it is still breaking regret buying it everyday!!!
N  11th of Jun, 2007 by 
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CPSC says Kazuma is dangerous defective JUNK... SUNL and other Chinese trash dealers next.

Chinese ATV Is Called Hazardous
June 10, 2007

A Chinese-made all-terrain vehicle designed to appeal to children is unsafe and drivers risk injury or death, the Consumer Product Safety Commission said.

The Kazuma Meerkat 50 Youth All-Terrain Vehicle has no front or parking brake and can be started in gear, the agency said. Consumers should stop using the product immediately, and demand a refund, the commission said.

The commission usually announces recalls of items it deems unsafe. In this case, the distributor, Stafford, Texas-based Kazuma Pacific Inc., declined to settle with the agency and will continue to sell the off-road vehicle, a commission statement said. The four-wheel, 156-pound ATV sells for $525 to $825.
N  15th of Jun, 2007 by 
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How many of you people making complaints about the Chinese bikes are selling the Japanese makes, honestly? I'm just in the investigation stage, and need an honest review. I hear they're clones of the Japanese bikes, but possibley just using cheap steel. Which of the Chinese bikes are the best?
D  21st of Jun, 2007 by 
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If u all have any complaints, why don't u guys buy from YAMAHA, Honda? U guys don't wanna pay that much money, so u pay what u got. Stop complaining, take ur money buy YAMAHAs.
N  21st of Jun, 2007 by 
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Hey! Stal Nunya,

"How many of you people making complaints about the Chinese bikes are selling the Japanese makes, honestly? I'm just in the investigation stage, and need an honest review. I hear they're clones of the Japanese bikes, but possibly just using cheap steel. Which of the Chinese bikes are the best?" Let me tell u that, SUNL bike is the best of the Chinese bikes.
A  22nd of Jun, 2007 by 
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Quote by Bill Dark " Let me tell u that, SUNL bike is the best of the Chinese bikes".
You are obviously
A) a SUNL dealer,
B) a SUNL employee,
or C) smoking some bad crack!!

SUNL is low quality, cheaply made, and badly copied Chinese JUNK!!! It's garbage!!! Spend some time on buggynews.com, scooterbbs.com, atvconnection.com and you will see that people have nothing but problems with SUNL and are not happy. SUNL is not worth the trouble. I do not recommend that you buy anything SUNL... it's quite simply - JUNK.
A  27th of Jun, 2007 by 
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Not sure yet about the quality as I just bought this via a private sale. What I can say is it is very hard or so far impossible to find parts. The 200 cc ATV I purchased was missing the skid plate. For more than 2 weeks I have tried to find this part. I have contacted the Corporate offices, local dealer, (who says he's not even a dealer), the NJ office, Houston, Dallas... I have talked to the National Sales Manager who just blew me off. Left messages for every extension at the corporate office and just can't get a simple part. I am now having it custom manufactured. I hope the ATV lasts for 1 summer, that is all I expected. It had less than 1 hour use on it when I purchased it. The plastic was still on the seat. I can tell, I have been in business for nearly 25 years and have never seen anything like this company. Absolutely!!! BUYER BEWARE!!!
N  29th of Jun, 2007 by 
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D  1st of Jul, 2007 by 
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First off, you see the cheap price, almost 3x less... you get what you pay!! I bought a 110cc chines bike for my boys for $750. Its big enough to hold me (I weight 215lbs). I beat this machine up!!! Dounuts, wheelies, speed up to 25mph with my weight. I took it mudding 2 twice in the woods with my neighbor. He has a Kawasaki 350 utility machine. I got stuck 3 times. It has no reverse so I had to get off and push. My youngest (5 years) flipped the bike making a sharp turn too fast, and my oldest (7 years) crashed into a pipe bending the wheel joint 90 degrees. Problems? Carborator flooded, lost gas, fumes in my house. Cause, when I was changing the oil, the put the bike on its side. Float must of got stuck or dislodged. I took it to a SUNL dealer to fix. He changed the carb and fixed my wheel and tightened all the loose bolts. Also the bracket on the muffler broke, I need to get that wielded. 4 wheeler rides good, less vibration when I ride at high speeds. Its been 7 weeks now, and I am completely satisfied. NEVER had a problem starting it and we ride at least 4 times a week for about 1-2 hours. If the quad totally breaks down in a year, then I got my monies worth. Did you see the price of a Kawasaki, Honda of Yamaha for kids? First if you kid is 5, 6 or 7 years old, they won't sell it to you. Second, the 90cc bike is so small and for 2200??? In 2 years my boys will be too big to ride it!!

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