Sun Communities / unethical behavior "extortion"

San Antonio, FL, United States
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I live in Sun Communities in San Antonio for 2 years now. 1st year I rented my lot rent was $350.00 dollars. 2nd years i purchased the home in attempt of saving some money but my lot rent immediately jumped to $500.00 a month. Shortly after we received notice that vehicles not parked in a driveway will be towed.. so i go to the office and tell the site manager that i will have guest over and my driveway on has space for 2 vehicles. He says font sweat it "Its all good" After dinner we walk out to find the car missing! yuup it was towed! $350.00 to get it back. I then ask if i can place pavers in my lawn for i can park a 3rd car. the answer was NO! i have to have to have a concrete driveway installed. Note: i pay lot rent so if i ever move my house that driveway stays raising the value for sunhomes. And last but not least we received a notice that our water bill will now double in charges. After numerous conversations with the local management office, the answer stays the same. "CALL CORPORATE"

Oct 17, 2018

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