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Pr Oct 16, 2015 Review updated:

I have lived at brentwood west for eight years — I got a violation to trim bushes — sweep sidewalk-weeds — I did correct these — at no time was I asked about my back yard — if they were doing violations they should of checked my back yard and advised me of any violation — this was not done (they had a cleaning lady writing up the violations) to my surprise two men came and dug up a patch of grass I had for my dog — and I was digging to put pavers down and they filled it in-I went to the office and they said grass was not allowed (many residents in this community have grass and have for many years) as I have had — I think it is wrong to not inform residents of any new rules — and to inform residents of all violations so these can be corrected and not have men in your back yard not knowing why they are there,

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