Sun Communities / drug addicts and other unethical behaviour

Orlando, FL, United States

I have been living here almost 2 years..I am renting to own it took all this time to get my place to be fixed..and I am still going to have someone look at it before I decide to buy it..But everyone in here has had enough with police in and out of here because of the drug addicts coming and going in here..We pay a lot of lot rent and for what..we are always having problems with the garbage being picked winds up all over the road because of the animals..We finally got someone in here to help us and she is already discussed with everything going on in here and she is leaving us..There is no cap on the lot rent and we are getting nothing for it..We need to speak to someone about all the problems here..There is just to much going on in here to write it all down..We sometimes can't even take our children to the pool without someone shooting up in the bathroom or smoking weed around the pool..So please we need help in our community..Most of us really like it here because it is very close to everything and the schools are good..Please can you help us clean it up in here and make it affordable and mostly livable..

Thank you,

Victoria Cole

  • Updated by Victoria Cole, Dec 27, 2018

    I still don't see much being done..outside of a few more police around..We still need pest control especially around the ponds because of the ant problems. The yards are still getting a lot of water because there is no proper pipes to take it to the sewers so we have ponds in the yards and then we get a lot of ants in our homes..We pay a lot in lot rent and we get nothing for it..We are told we have to maintain the yards..It is not our property we don't mind mowing the lawn but the pest control and taking care of the water problems should be yours not ours..If you want people to stay you need to show us that you care to have a nice community and stop worrying about how much you can sell all the time..I know you have a business to run but you do get good money from the lot rents..also you are not fare to people who get down on their luck and can't always pay on time..You need to be a little more understanding in some situations..We have a lady living here with two children that are may not get through the new year..Instead of telling her she has to get out if she can't pay show some compassion and help her..I am sure if you ask the people in the neighborhood to help by having a donation box or something we could help..but please take a look at things before you make a decision on throwing people out..Please come to Deerwood and have a meeting with us all..This is really a good neighborhood and I am sure the problems we do have here can be resolved easily...Thank you Victoria Cole

Oct 11, 2018

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