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Buyers Beware at Summerwinds Resort in Branson, Mo
We attended a sales presentation at Summerwinds Resort in Branson, Mo and received a booklet with resort information that was not correct. Our salesman Danny Austin focused on this resort because we told him the area was our favorite place to vacation. We made our purchase based on this information. We went home and read over everything to make sure we understood it. We called Summerwinds two days later to go over everything and spoke with Danny Austin and Floyd Elliott. They assured us everything we understood about the resort and program was correct.
The first time we tried to make a reservation at the resort we knew there was a problem. It was the off season at the resort and there was no availability. Summerwinds told us we didn't understand the program and they gave us a lot of other options to stay outside the area. We contacted the resort to find out what was going on. The resort had 32 owners. The booklet we received stated the resort has 51 or more units participating and available for occupancy. The resort does not participate in the program and hasn't for the past six years, the time the current timeshare coordinator has been there. Danny Austin is one of the top salesmen at Summerwinds and has been there 13 years. He misled us and deceived us to get a sale.
Summerwinds has a rating of F on a scale of A+ to F with the abetter Business Bureau. The sales presentation will be a today only offer because they don't want you researching their company. We have been dealing with this for almost two years and hopefully we can save someone else from going through our nightmare. We know there are a lot of people out there like us and We wouuld like to get a class action suit going. Please contact us. Buyers Beware!

Jun 24, 2013
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  • Ds
      Aug 13, 2016

    I had the same issues that you have described about this resort. Stormy Points is beautiful but the sales staff are unethical and have bad business practices. The first thing is they offer you a deal for today only and when you tell them no they come out from back and offer you a much better package. After purchasing the package you then find the real reason they offered it to you and it is completely different than you were told. BUYER BEWARE because there are a lot of hidden things not told you. I could write a book about deception of Stormy Points Village. BUYERS BEWARE this is fraud and deception

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  • Lo
      Feb 26, 2017

    We just bought at Stormy Point in Branson. I told my husband that I felt pressured and uncomfortable. We told them that we would just like to sell our Wyndham time shares. Of course, Summer Winds, tells us that they are willing to buy our Wyndham time shares from us and give us a great deal. They are willing to wave our maintenance fees for almost 3 yrs. They say, they are the top 125 time share companies in the World. I had never heard of them before now. My husband took out a loan from our bank to pay them $30, 000 as soon as our loan goes through. We were told to fax or send a photo of our Wyndham deeds asap. No one has called us to ask for the deeds since we have been back from our presentation & signing of documents. It has been 11 days since and still no phone calls. I called a company who buys time shares and she told me how it works with purchasing time shares. I also called RCI to see if we could keep our points since we rolled them over in Dec. RCI never heard of Summer Winds either. I am afraid we will be stuck with our Wyndham time share and occur Summer Winds on top of what we already have. I am very nervous about my husbands decision to continue pursuing this transaction. Please someone call us. 660-547-2254- Lorie

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  • Mj
      Sep 23, 2017

    We have all the same issues! Summers Winds is a highly unethical timeshare. Our salesman Danny Austin lied to us about everything. We bought there because they assured us that they would sell or buy our timeshare at the Wilderness Club at Big Cedar. They also told us we would have 4 weeks to use at Stormy Point or other Resorts. Within the next month or so, I called to make a reservation at Stormy Point. I was informed it would be $799+ taxes! What happened to our 4 weeks? I finally managed to get hold of Danny Austin, he didn't remember anything about 4 weeks! He also told me he was no longer at Summer Winds, and he and a partner were starting their own business involving timeshares!
    I have purchased Jim Faucett's book on Amazon. It s titled...write a letter: cancel your timeshare and get a refund. It has great reviews on another site about Big Cedar! Anyway, I sent letters to several places about Summer Winds. We are out! But without a refund. Lost down payment and one monthly payment. Big Cedar will probably be much more painful as it is paid in full! Branson has a very bad reputation concerning timeshares!

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