Summer Winds Resorts / workplace assault

Branson, MO, United States

My husband was assaulted!! Please share!! This has got to stop!!#stormypoint #summerwindsresort #workplaceviolence #letsstopthisfromhappening #now
After my husbands retirement from a corporate job he held for over 24 years, he decided to get a part time job for something to do. He went to work for stormy point village summerwinds resort services llcselling time share. He worked there for approximately a month or two. On june 7th 2016 this story begins. As my husband was with elderly clients with a disabled child, he was trying to get management to assist the clients. The people were told they would be there for 90 minutes. Four hours later the clients had to leave, as the disabled child had to eat and had missed her meal. Management there was basically inattentive to the clients needs. So my husband helped them out, telling management they would not be buying. There was no scene made, my husband was firm but only concerned about this disabled child. After the people left toby pennington cussed my husband out, fired him and was not going to let him clock out! My husband was firm in saying he was going to clock out, toby grabbed my husband by the jacket and proceeded to tell him he was not clocking out, my husband brushed his hands away and told toby not to put his hands on him! A man named luke grabbed my husband from behind, put him in a chokehold and proceeded to choke him out, near unconscious, a man named charlie stepped forth and peeled luke's hold off my husband, yelling at luke, you're going to kill him. 911 was called, the ambulance came, and these lying time share, job hopping people lied about it all! Luke claimed self defense? My husband touched no one and he was in the hospital?!Even the city of branson police department let this man walk! While my husband was in the hospital and the others went about their day?!?! My husband had been employed at the same reputable company ecolab for over 24 years without any problems, he was the number one sales manager in north america and this time share company assumes this treatment of employees is okay? Check out their star ratings. You'll get an idea of the kind of people that work there, their ethics and moral code! See you in court! #summerwinds #stormypoint

Aug 24, 2016

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