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Today I had to view a very tense moment at subway while two women were ordering sandwiches. It appeared that the handler behind the counter was irritated about something and as the women ordering verbalized their wishes they were met with hostility. These women weren't asking for anything our of the ordinary. Not only was the handler of the food extreamely rude, but she began telling the women to "stop talking." this of course made the customers very unhappy. The customers asked why they were being spoken to in that manner. The handler continued to be rude. All while this is going on the manager is speaking over everyone stating "I apologize, you are right. She apologizes. Sorry." unfortunately, this was not enough for the handler to stop. She just kept shaking her head and mumbling in a foriegn language to the manager. This was truley amazing. The customers asked if they could just get their sandwiches as they ordered and leave, but the handler carried on. This kept on until the handler and manager were just about screaming in front of a packed store. I left, but felt this is the least I can do. I file this in hopes of the subway team @ 1025 broadbeck dr. Newbury park ca 91320 cleaning up their act.

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  • Ho
      18th of Apr, 2009

    A formal letter to the Subway home office will get some action. Just the words written as they appear in your observation will do. I NEVER hesitate to report rudeness by an employee. This is whether in a civil service setting or private employer venue. I first ask for the supervisor and when presented to the supervisor, I thank him/her for appearing, "now I want to talk to your supervisor in order that this complaint will not be buried." In addition, I have absolutely no problem reporting the incident with the employee present. That way, no chance of the boss just not addressing the issue. When dealing with the issue at the scene, always be firm, assertive, composed, and not "unglued". Strongly avoid any kind of judgementalism and just keep to the point. Want to know what really gets attention? A registered letter to a high ranking specifically named company officer. Google can sometimes provide the info. Results guaranteed!!! Hopes this helps. Charlie.

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  • At
      30th of Dec, 2010

    If you left, and it didnt affect you, then why are you making such a big deal about it. Get over it. People have conflicts in their daily lives...move on...

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