Stonebridge College / Stonebridge Associated Collegesstonebridge won't refund my £200 'holding' fee!

I started a Web Design and Development course online in March 2017 and didn't hear from my tutor at all. Then there were problems with the Student learning loan and there was a delay in starting . I contacted Stonebridge and they said I can still start the course, but didn't explain if I couldn't obtain a loan, so I felt obliged. When I got the loan I carried on not hearing from my tutor Susan Richardson!, nor any explanation about having to complete a minimum of 2 modules, otherwise the course is unavailable to access. Because I wasn't well on 3 occasions and I was promised a reset of my course, it got cancelled in September 2018. I was told this on the phone on 30/11/18. I asked for my £200 back and was told that the Learner loan isn't supporting my course anymore and can't be restarted. I requested a refund again and it was refused.

Dec 07, 2018

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