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Stevens paid for the truck driver school with the condition of staying with them for a year. Or else paid them back 5, 000.00. After your school you go to dallas then drive with a senior driver that trains you. Worst experience ever. He was raises and rude. I got paid 350.00 a week minus money I used for lunch and showers. I had to apply for food stamps and borrow money from family.

After a month I quit because i was about to fight with the instructor and I was going to loose everything. It was the worst experience ever and don't recommend stevens to anyone. Now I have bad credit because of them.

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      Mar 21, 2009

    Stevens transport is a fraud.

    I had a miserable 3 weeks in Dallas. The instructors assigned to our group were racist hillbillies.

    The motel attendants made a habit of going into my room despite, the "do not disturb sign" I placed on the door while off to the so called classes, to steal from my room.

    I lost some dress suites, portable picture printer and even fruits I went to buy from the local grocery stores in other to keep my blood pressure down, walked out of the room. I told the people at the service desk to ask the manager to call me and no response. I then raised my suspision to a fellow student who said the motel will call Steven's and tell them I was a trouble maker and Stevens will let me go. I had travelled to Dallas for a purpose and was not willing to risk it over petty stuff so, I looked past it.

    The real saga was on the road.

    My trainer: a drifter, thought he was a drill sergeant in the US marines.

    His first name is Lee, black male, pompus, poor grammar and semi literate.
    Lee's breath stinks like a toilet just visited by someone with a bad case of bowel movement.

    By the way, the school training was a joke.

    While on the road, the trainer let me do most of the driving and logged the miles in for himself. He made u turns without a second thought.

    I got tired of the trainers ignorance and disregard to our safety and got of the truck. Now they have Genesis Lending Harrassing me for a loan of $6, 000.00 after 5 weeks of dealing with those ignorant people.

    By the way, so called rep (Spannish guy) from Stevens that processes the Genesis Lending school loan package asked me to leave while he was making us sign the paperwork 2 weeks into the programme. because I was trying to ask too many questions. I should have figured it that they were a fraud.

    If you are planning to deal with Stevens Transport, open your eyes. I wish someone told me b/4 I fell for the scam. Good luck with the mirage.

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  • Mo
      Mar 16, 2011

    First, i will say that I am no longer a stevens driver. I worked with them for three years and was a trainer. If you have problems with your trainer, you had a counselor whom you were required to speak with once per week. You could have said "my trainere and I are not getting along." no questions asked you would have been placed with anotheer trainer. You could have reported that your trainer maid a U turn in violation of company policy. You could have reported that your stuff was stolen from the room to stevens instead of talking to another trainee. Heck, you could have asked one of the instructors, or trainers if you would have been looked at as a troublemaker the answer would have been "no".

    Instead you signed an agreement to work for them for a year OR pay a large amount of money for your training. Then you quit not even five weeks into the job. Because of one person. Without trying to get thngs fixed. And NOW you want to complain that you are being held accoutable? Wow.

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  • Mo
      Mar 16, 2011

    When you complain about the money stevens paid you to live on... Think about this. I out my partner through school to become an echo cardiogram operator. We are paying student loans of seventy five thousand dollars. He had to intern at many hospitals twenty hours a week for one and a half YEARS for no pay. He had to deal with [censor]y, racist homophobic situations during that whole time. He will only make about twenty thousand dollars a year more than i did as a stevens transport driver. I supported him for two years while he was in thiis training. You got an easy, no credit check student loan that would have been waived if you would have sucked it up and been an adult. They paid you while in your training period. You washed yourself out. You got no legitimate complaint here.

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  • Wa
      Aug 07, 2011

    i had a dot non-preventable accident .not even put on my dac(had covenant run right...she said it wasnt but when she called to verify i worked for them they said i did have a accident) when i was a student driver with werner enterprises(heads up do not go with this company).but the thing is they called it a jacknife, but i did a 180 an my tractor- trailer straighten out, it was ice and snow combined on the ground, no salt trucks, but my trainer said we would b ok, down shift to 5th ...4-ways on, 43, 000 pounds of dog an cat food.state tooper said i couldnt do anything, anyways wasnt cited, charged, you think stevens will take me...i do know they want a arm an a leg but gotta do wat i gotta do right...need imput if you have any

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