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Steve Welch & Associates / Defrauded

1 Lake Forest, CA, United States

I had arranged for Steve Welch to board my 11 week old dog for 5 days. He required I pay in full and provided me only with an invoice showing my credit card had been charged. After having difficulty arranging for the air transport of my puppy from the breeder in Sacramento, Steve said he had a "buddy" Matt who drove that route who could pick-up the dog Monday or Tuesday and deliver it him for $100. That was on Sunday evening. On Monday the breeder never heard from Matt. I contacted at approx. 1pm Steve who said again Matt would call the breeder. Matt never called and Steve never returned my repeated calls or emails the remainder of that day nor Tuesday morning (the day the boarding was supposed to start). I finally got him to answer the phone at which point he attempted to disguise his voice and tell me Steve was in a meeting. I called back repeatedly only to have him answer, not speak, then hang-up. Now with no dog, and obviously no arrangements made by Steve's son or buddy to pick-up the dog, I resorted to having my boarding fees refunded. No luck! I confronted Steve at his place of business after my boyfriend had been there earlier and was promised a refund by one of Steve's employees. He was higjly excited and refused to discuss the situation with me. He is a pathological liar, insisting he had a signed contract from me (I've never seen a contract), that my invoice states non-refundable (it does not), and that Matt attempted to pick-up the dog but was turned away by the breeder (absolutely false).

Beware, this worked out for the best as his "boarding" conditions are horrific. Although I was told my puppy would only be in his crate at night, Steve keeps his dogs (many large breeds) stacked one on top of another in crates too small for them to even sit fully upright.

Finally, do your research. I've sinced learned there are many complaints on numerous websites regarding Steve Welch.

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