Sterkineko / the behaviour and attitude of staff/ and service

Johannesburg, South Africa

Good day

I am writing this letter due to a problem I encountered while attending a movie at sterkinekor. Normally, minor inconveniences do not bother me, but I was surprised and disappointed at the treatment and service I received.
First incident: I went to see the 5:45 P.M. showing of Ant-man and the Wasp at Maponya mall on the 4th of August. I approached the counter where one of your employees simply pointed me to a screen and told me it was self service if I was using my debit card to pay…She did not direct me on how to operate the screen, or give me any instructions, she to simply told me "it was so obvious, even a kid could do it", What is obvious to one person is not obvious to the other, and for her to say a kid could do it, was simply calling me stupid. I felt insulted and was not helped at all by the people paid to assist me.

Second incident: In my experience the lights have to be turned off when the movie starts, but this time the light where only turned off half an hour in to the movie, after I had gone to them to request them to turn off the lights.

I would respectfully ask that you look into your employees' behaviour and attitude to ensure that this sort of problem does not happen again. I honestly did not have a good experience, I'm not happy, not at all.

Kind regards
Keitumetse Selatlhedi
Thank you,


Aug 05, 2018

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