Ster-Kinekor / theft of cellphone and money

My girlfriend and i went to Ster Kinekor at Carnival Mall on 18/11/2017 the 19h30 show Wind River. There were only about 8 coupies in the movie we left the movie as it finished. After driving for a while she realized that here purse and cell phone was missing.

I retuned to the cinema went thru it and could not find anything as i walked out of the cinema a cleaning lady was standing there and I asked her for the manager she asked why I want to see manager and I told her the purse and cell phone is missing out of the handbag of my girlfriend.
I told her again i want to see manager she asked me then how does the purse look I told her en then she asked me how does the cellphone look, sshe then told me she has picked up the purse and went into the cleaning room I walked in after her and she took it out beneath some bags and paper in the store room I opened it and the money were gone but the cards was still there the phone she said she did not see why did she asked me then for a description if she didnt pick up the fone? I got hold of manager and told her I then asked what is the procedure if staff pick something up in movie and she said they must hand it in at her office. When I asked the lady that picked it up why didnt she hand it in she could not answer me and looked very guilty I misplaced there names but the manager was also a black lady. Hoping to here from you soon

Nov 22, 2017

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