Ster-Kinekor / ster-kinekor secunda service and customer treatment

Secunda, US
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The self-service machines weren't taking the Edgar's club card so we proceeded to the cashiers till to assist. The cashier chose the seats for me and I asked her to change the seats and it took her +- 5 minutes before she called for her manager to assist who also took time but enventually managed. In that process they asked for my club card again and they placed it on their side of the till and when I left into the cinema I left without it. It was a lousy day and there wasn't anybody behind us but they never took time to bring the card to us. Upon returning when fetching my takeaway from their office I remembered that they never returned my card. They then with an attitude shouted someone's name to bring the cards and they gave me mine. I asked the cashier why didn't she bring it she said she didn't wanna disturb me then I asked why she then didn't hand it back when I came to fetch the takeaway then she said she was busy. The manager responded by saying they are busy and I am not the only client they are serving shouting and being as rude as possible. I told her I was going to report this then she said I should go ahead. I have never had such a walk of shame before walking out of the sterkinenor cinema with my wife. I hope something will be done.
The cashier 's name fortunately appears on the receipt and it's Christina Konde and her Manager is Zanele. The movie we were watching is Kong @20:00 on the 15th of March 2017. The incident occurred after the movie at around 22:20.

I hope to hear from you soon.


Mar 15, 2017

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