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Appalling, appalling service.

It was saturday, the 15th of april.. The saturday of the easter weekend. Naturally, gateway shopping centre was extremely busy & naturally, people wanted to watch a movie. Its not rocket science & anyone with any common sense would know that this period, along with the christmas period, is one of the busiest times. I am not a manger of any kind, but what I do know is that a contingency plan needs to be in place to accommodate this peak season & people need to be there to help patrons.. You know the people that your business derives its profits from???

I am so sick & tired of the lack of service & assistance that I have to keep on enduring at the gateway ster-kinekor!!! I was purchasing tickets for my mum & aunt, whilst waiting in this busy line with my 10 month old baby. I stood in the self service line, buy the food outlet for over 20 minutes!!!. It was eventually my turn to purchase the tickets & the touch screen kept getting frozen. We eventually got to select the movie, only to realise that there is no swiping terminal. Out of the 6 self service stations so proudly displayed, only 3 of them were working!. There was not a single person to assist & neither did I see one manager on duty. My child is now crabby at this stage, I am frustrated & tired & there was like hundreds of people buzzing around me. I dont even think frustration was the correct description of how angry I was! Because I had promised my mother that they could enjoy some "relaxation" time, I had to continue with this gruelling process, which feels like I am pulling teeth each time, I want to watch a movie at gateway ster-kinekor. Now ask yourself if anyone would be in the right mood to enjoy a movie, after attempting to get tickets, is such a nightmare?

I than had to go to the other self-service station, along with my baby & stand there for over 20 minutes again!. I get there & there is one person assisting every 3 people that need to purchase tickets. Really???

I go upstairs to purchase popcorn & this new touch screen system that is in place, is a nightmare in itself. It took me another +10 minutes to get a popcorn & coke.

I am now at my wits end, because this is not the first time that I have had to endure such crappy service from this provider. There have been busy times prior to this, where if you are lucky you will find 2 out of 6 self service stations working. I have yet to see a ster-kinekor employee designated to assist people at this point. I dont ever see managers walking around & assisting people, in fact I have never seen a manager before!. This type of pathetic service is unacceptable, especially when I am paying so much to enjoy "quality" entertainment!

Christmas is soon approaching & yet again its going to be busy. So I want to know what is going to be done to alleviate customers having to keep enduring this torture? You need to have more employees around to assist people. The self service machines need to be working & a sign needs to be put up when they arent in order. You need to have your managers on full beck & call. This branch needs some serious work-over & this kind of unethical practise needs to stop. You cannot keep on running a business, the way in which this branch is continuing at!
Daphne - [protected]

May 15, 2017

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