Ster-Kinekorsk clubcards and potch branch

B Nov 28, 2017

Points are not added to SK club cards. I have used my clubcard for online bookings, swiped it for drinks extera yet my points reflect Zero. I have used my boyfriend's clubcard when booking for us online at more than two movies where just two of the movies were cine prestige movies, yet he only has 200 points. I also know of another person whos card was also faulty. Both of us should have over 1000 points by now, yet we don't and even when complaining at Potch Ster Kinekor I'm treated as a liar when saying it's impossible to have zero points because if been using the card for longer than a year now and I have traceability of using the cards online and I get asked are you sure as if I'm an [censor]. Yes I am sure, how on earth do I get the discounts then? I'm even treated as an idot when he eventually logs the call when he asks if my surname is correct and I say no its not Ptek it's Piek, but the system has it as Ptek. I think I know how to spell my own surname. Appauled by both the product and the service received.

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