Ster-Kinekor / poor service

Durban, United States

Today while on leave my hubby and I decide to go watch a movie at Prestige at Gateway in Durban. We decided that we'd have the Pizza Hut combo deal with our movie as it was a lunchtime show. Firstly Prestige said they didn't offer combos only pizzas on their own. So we had to go back downstairs to order our combos to be delivered to us. Secondly upon going to order the cashier had no idea what was on the pizza when I asked. She told us it was her first day (but clearly wasn't ready to be alone as she didn't know anything). Finally after deciding I requested that I'd like a veg pizza (which has red onions, green pepper, mushrooms, pineapple and cheese) combo deal only to be told that the only veg they had was pineapple. So I then asked what are they going to substitute the missing ingredients with?!. Her reply was I don't know. I then asked if I could have a Haiwin option instead and was told I'd have to buy each item separate and not as a combo which would have cost me a lot more. This whole process took about 20 minutes resulting in us almost missing our movie. We then asked for the manger and he can come managed to sort it out. I was impressed at all by the service and was very disappointed.

Mar 28, 2017

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