Ster-Kinekor / payment made for tickets, no tickets received. no refund.

On Saturday 3 Dec 2016 I purchased 2 movie tickets at Bay West Ster Kinekor in Port Elizabeth. The transaction was done at their self help machines. The payment for R82.00 went through and the money went off against my bank account at FNB. No tickets were printed and I was referred to the "Ticket Counter". The attendant informed me that the payment did not go through. I was so upset by the unprofessional attitude that I left the centre without watching the movie that I came for. I returned on 6 Dec 2016 with a bank statement proofing that the payment indeed went of my bank account. After an extremely heated argument with the Manager of Ster Kinekor, Baywest, I went home with a message that they "need 3 days to investigate." My 2 complaints and my bank statement were not enough proof to get my R82.00 back that was STOLEN from me. I advise allreaders of this complaint to avoid Ser Kinekor like HIV.

Dec 06, 2016

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