Ster-Kinekorgeneral service, cresta cinema

The Ster-Kinekor cinema in cresta is atrocious!! Cannot use my sk club points for any movie available, this includes movies showing for 3 weeks or more, won't let me use my points to watch a 3D movie anymore apparently this only applies to 2D movies all of a sudden even though I've watched 3D movies with my SK club points on numerous occasions. Most recently my partner watched Arrival in 3D with her sk club points so why can't I watch passengers with mine? Cannot book tickets with the self serviCe kiosks as numerous errors occur when swiping loyalty cards and when checking out. The Operating system is awful. Cannot log into my Ster-Kinekor account online won't accept my email or password when I ask to reset my password the reset email never comes. I have have been a loyal customer of Ster-Kinekor for many years I have a VIP loyalty card. Please Ster-Kinekor this needs fixing

Very dissatisfied

Jan 11, 2017

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