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On Saturday, 30 July, my husband and I took our daughters to watch Incredibles 2 at N1 City Ster-Kinekor. What an unpleasant experience! I have always preferred Ster-Kinekor cinemas over others but will have to reconsider.

Firstly, I purchased tickets through the App. Which should negate the need to print tickets and stand in ticket lines. This was not the case. Upon wanting to enter the cinema area, we were told to go and get printed tickets because this cinema does not have a barcode scanner for digital tickets. What?! Then to add to my dismay, there were no self service terminals. I had to queue in the same line as everyone who were at the point purchasing tickets just to collect already purchased tickets. Please remind me why you offer an online, pre-cinema purchasing service?

Next, walk in to the cinema and it looks vandalised. Literally, a number of seats are physically missing. My husband had the delight of sitting next to a missing seat, except his armrest was also missing.

I don't even want to complain about the slushies that were pure syrup, no ice. My daughters could not finish them.

Ster-Kinekor, as it is your prices are already ridiculously exorbitant. The cost for a family of four, including snacks, roughly R500! The least you can do is ensure a comfortable experience for patrons.


Jul 02, 2018
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  • Mr
      Jul 03, 2018

    So frustrated, trying to book via the app or website and failing each time.
    When I purchase discounted tickets the app and website bombs out. When I purchase fully paid tickets then they go through perfectly.
    It’s ridiculous! For technology and modern age movies, atleast get the booking apps and website bugs fixed!!

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