Ster-Kinekorcustomer service at secunda mall

Good day

Yesterday (29 January) me and my friend wanted to buy 2 tickets for the movie Sing. firstly the movie was for 9:00 but I was told by a very rude young worker (She was working by the popcorn section) that we need to come back at 9:15 that is when the movie starts, they don't take card so we had to withdraw the money ( we like the trailers and didn't want to miss that)
she couldn't even use the Movie Card to earn points and was very hostile when she told us she can't use it .
I've never received such an unpleasant service at the movies.

If the movies started at 9:00, why was the machines to book the tickets put on after 9:00 (which took long to start up) and why isn't the workers properly trained to give excellent customer service.

It is very expensive to watch movies, so it's an privilege for you guys that we still watch movies for that amount of money so we deserve the best customer service.

What are you about to do to stop this unpleasant treatments and train top organised people that knows if a movie starts at 9:00 all should be ready at least by 8:30 not 9:15!!!

Jan 30, 2017

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