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I watch movies all of the time, at least once a week. I have had a platinum card with ster kinekor for probably 5 years now. A few weeks ago I took my girlfriend to ster kinekor in Sandton City, she used her vitality card for her ticket. When we get to the front the lady who takes tickets asks very rudely to see the card. We show her the card and she then says that it is not her card. The picture is bad, but when my girlfriend queried it at the time she was told that it was fine and didn't matter. The lady went on about it, making jokes and being very unfriendly. We eventually managed to get it resolved. Last night we went back to the sandton city cinemas and were confronted by the same lady, same problem and same bad attitude all over again. All of the staff who involved themselves both times were incredibly rude, abrasive and unhelpful. I am considering watching movies elsewhere from now on as the service I have been receiving is unacceptable.

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      Sep 16, 2010

    Cinemas are a badly run business. How can they run a business that entertains people like a bad retail outlet. Nu metro isn't much better. Popcorn grossly overpriced, aircon never on, service is shocking, toilets stink, they all the same. Get PVR and stay home! Its a lost cause!

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      May 05, 2014

    I took my wife and daughter to the movies on Friday evening at the Ster-Kinekor Kollonade centre in Pretoria and to my surprise to find the same cinema 2 to be in the exactly the same shocking condition as it was about two years back when i last took my wife to the movies. I am very shocked to see that the seats are even worse thàn two years back and they are as filthy as the floors you walk on. My wife had sat on one of the seats we were allocated with spill of coldrink from the previous movie even though the cleaners were inside the theatre and had cleaned the place prior to us been able to enter to take our seats. What i found strange was that the seats were in no good a condition and i even made a remark with one client having seated on the row below us when he had made himself comfortable his back part of his seat was broken and he went all the way backwards with no support on the back. They had to move to another spot in the cinema. The floor below me was all sticky of the coldrink that was spilled onto my wifes seat and therefore i had to have my shoes sticky throughout the movie, which was very irritating.
    I have found that this movie house has gone backwards with service as well as a nice movie experience as in the past and i will try to never go back to this movie house ever again, unless i van have a response from STER-KINEKOR to the what improvements and counter actions they are going to undertake to have some form of improvement done in this movie house. Regards Tony Falzone contact number - 0713338434

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      Aug 29, 2016

    I took 2 youngsters to the movies at the new Mall of Africa, I have had the worst experience possible. My son wanted us to try the VIP section, where they have the recliner seating. We were eger to try this out. While waiting in the waiting area a waiter came to serve us, he showed us the menu and the boys could not understand the menu which was in pieces. The waiter brought a burger to show the boys and they did not want the burger, they settled for the chicken and I settled for a coffee. We also ordered 3 large popcorn with drinks for when we go into the movies. We had about an hour before the movie starts. 25 minutes later the popcorn arrives without the drinks, I asked him where is the food, the boys are hungry. 2 minutes later he arrives with 6 burgers, the boys and just looked at each other, I enquired from the boys if they had changed the order and if they are happy. We all looked shocked, I told the waiter this is not our order, he replied that it was. I asked him to change it because the boys were not happy. He went away and came back 10 minutes later and said that he can't change it, I asked to see the manager, the manager came a few minutes later, for the first 10 minutes he said he can't do anything. Not we have 10 minutes to starting of the movie, so I said aloud forget it anyway we have little time left, so what ever you did not serve at this point please give us a credit. This was also a problem, at this stage I still go no coffee. The order was paid for in advance when the waiter took our order. Later a lady arrives what seems to be their boss, they had some discussions and they came to me and said sorry and that they will refund the money back into my card. It is now over a week, I am still waiting for the refund into my card. I learnt, never to pay before you receive your order. My personal belief is that the waiter look like he was on some kind of drug or sick, the funny part was that the floor manager seemed to cover the faults of the waiter. Please stop employing thug like attitude people. Such a beautiful mall, the few are making all the good people look bad. Regards Mark - 0763721222.

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