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i ordered what i thought was a free sample of moisturizer, and paid £2.95 for postage,
i have since been charged £98 + ££69 . without receiving anything else, when i have contacted the company they have been very unhelpful, they claim to have made another delivery, but there was no one at my home on the day they say it was delivered and they refuse to give me the name of the person they claim signed for it.
they have offered me a discount on a product i have not received, but i am obviously not going to pay them for something i have not received, especially after they conned me out of £98 already.
is there anyway of getting my money back?

Jan 9, 2015
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  • Su
      10th of Oct, 2014
    STEMACELL - Auto shipping
    United States

    I paid for postage for a free sample. My account has now been debited £97.95 and will continue to be debited on a regular basis for items I do not want

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  • Br
      19th of Nov, 2014

    This happened to me they took the payment, i returned the package unopened, but no refund, this is a con the company should be propcecuted for this, and now no contact at all.

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  • Tr
      2nd of Feb, 2015

    Also happened to me via Morrisons super market . £195 Morrisons should hold equal responsiblity . I will be taking this matter further

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  • Sj
      13th of May, 2015

    same with me.
    i ordered a sample at £3.95...Then discovered they had taken 97.95 from my credit card.

    any chance of getting the money back?


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  • Jr
      3rd of Jul, 2015

    I too am a victim of the very same scam. These unscrupulous rogues managed to steal £205.87 from my own way of two transactions, Sadly I must report that I am deceived into accepting a FREE offer excepting the cost of postage. Like so many others, I did not read the small print anywhere nearly carefully enough. Had I done so, with the benefit of hindsight, I might have realized that in practice I am not receiving a free offer, The truth is that just like everyone else similarly blighted. I might have realized, that I was signing up to a never-ending supply contract, in most uncertain contractual terms fo . Presently, with the help of my card provider, I have elected to pursue the perpetrators for fraud. I suggest that all the contributors to the above messages should do the same. As individual victims, we have an obligation to help the authorities in their fight against cyber crime. If we do not then who will do it for us?

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  • Se
      11th of Aug, 2015

    i too have found i was conned for £97.95 and £99.98 by their dubious practices. iv stopped my card and any future payments and contacted them, dont hold out to much hope. VISA say thy wont regard as fraudulent tranaction.

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  • Se
      12th of Aug, 2015

    update, after 2 heated conversations with visa, trying to to understand how payments can be taken from a cancelled card, they are looking into it, also after a few emails to the company, they have cancelled the ongoing payment and so far offered me £30 as compensation, thats only 15% of whats been taken, and warned me they win 99.9% of disputes, sounds like a good gamble to me. so the saga goes on.

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  • Ly
      27th of Oct, 2015

    I applied for the free sample and received the same treatment as the other people on this site . this company is conning everybody that gets involved .I received a second lot of this product that I did not ask for . after complaining to my bank and the company I was told to return it unused . at my expense . this I did but now they are saying it was opened "but it was not" . and refusing to refund me . I would suggest that everybody who has had dealing with this dishonest company should put it on Facebook, twitter and any other social site you know . warn everybody about the and there dishonest practices . Lyndzi Davis

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  • Se
      8th of Jan, 2016

    update. after c/c company initialy saying i had no case, i sent them a harshly worded letter and now after weeks of deliberation they have refunded all except the post and packing payment. so dont give in, thats what they want.

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