Steak 'n Shake Enterprises at 5402 Meijer Drive Ft. Wayne, IN 46835my visit to the stake and shake on tuesday november 27, 2018 at 3:30 pm.

I was waited on by a young man that wore glasses and had black hair. The boy and another girl waiting on people had now name tags.
Complaint: I ordered a meal with Stake burger, fries, chili and Hershey Shake. I was brought out a glass of water. No problem with that. About 10 minutes later I got the steak burger, fries and chili. The chili came with no crackers. The waiter went into the grill and started talking to the other workers. After about 10 more minutes and half way through my meal I still had not gotten my milkshake. I finally went to the grill and asked if I could get my milk shake. I was told I would get it.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Fort Wayne, Indiana, IN The waiter continued to talk in the grill. About another 10 minutes and by that time I had finished with my meal the waiter brought out the shake in a to go cup. He told me I see you are done with your meal so I made the shake to go.

I went to pay and the up front counter and was asked how everything was. I explained that it was not good service from the waiter and she responded yes I know how he is. I did reluctantly leave a tip. I have been to that stake and shake many times and have never received service like that. There are only about 5 people being served at that time.

This was the Stake and Shake located at 5402 Meijer Drive
Ft. Wayne, IN 46835

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