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For the past 3 weeks I've been fighting a 'spyware' battle with my PC. I've had "Spyware Doctor" installed for at least 6 months. I contacted them and after some early efforts and replies from them I still have the problem. I don't care how many times I scan...and how many times I 'Fix Problem' ...its still there.

At first I was informed by them to run my PC in safe mode...did luck. Then I was told to run the "Malware Tool" and send them the results...did luck. THEN I was told the problem would be solved via "Smart Update"...well I've "Smart Updated" for at least 10 days (3-4 times a day)...NO LUCK...nothing. Problems still exist.

Now their "Tech Group" doesnt' respond to me. BTW...I downloaded their (PC Tools) free version of "ThreatFire"...guess what? It found the problem! For $29.95 it will "Fix Problem"...ain't that sweet?..I think I've heard that before.


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  • Zi
      Oct 15, 2008
    Spyware Doctor - No account access

    No problems from my end. I love PC Tools. There is a compliment board at for new compliments as well.

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  • Ni
      Oct 07, 2009
    Spyware Doctor - No account access
    Spyware Doctor
    South Africa

    I was infected with various spyware through the program, my email was affected and could not be accessed. All 3 PC's had to be formated.

    I have submitted 8 requests to retrieve my lost code and have received nothing yet!!!

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  • Hk
      Dec 31, 2009
    Spyware Doctor - I now have it and it seems to work but I did not order it when I found I had to pay to equip for 3 computers
    Helen J Keever
    324 Madison Lane 13346
    Hamilton NY
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    I was registering at a company called Merchant Referral Solutions and up popped Spyware doctor. I was interested and clicked on it. I read the blurb and thought to buy it. I started filling out the form and realized the 3 computer price was already ticked off. I deleted the whole thing and closed it. It said today that I had a couple of thousand infections. I could use Spyware doctor to clean them up. I looked into buying it since I have so much already. I could not find a price anywhere. It appears that to find a price I have to click on I accept.
    I apologize for the length of my annoyance H. J. Keever

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  • Nd
      Feb 01, 2010

    I would agree 110%.

    The PC Tool and the Spuware Doctor web site has absolutely NO technical Support. The program does not load, does not work, and the company does not answer email reqiests. The comapany does not provide any phone number at all.

    I RECOMMEND all potential buyer to NOT purchase ANY products from the PC Tools. This comapny is a scam artist !!!


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  • Ja
      May 31, 2012
    Spyware Doctor - No account access
    PC Tools

    After discovering that they were still charging my creditcard for the software package I am not using anymore, I tried to access my account. Because the emailaddress of the account is no longer valid I tried to contact them. To my surprise they do not have any emailaddress to sent a message to without needing your account login.
    So I tried to contact them through twitter. No response at all.
    It is ridiculous to see that such a company can withhold a customer to access his account and keep silence.
    I will reverse any creditcard withdraw from them and let them now through twitter.

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  • Di
      Jun 03, 2016
    Spyware Doctor - No account access
    PC Tools
    United States

    The worst customer service I have experienced in YEARS. I attempted to renew this anti-spyware software WITHOUT the antivirus portion, which would have cost less than the subscription I currently had. It gave me no opportunity to change the price during the renewal process, and I foolishly purchased it and then attempted to correct the purchase. They ignored phone calls, emails, and finally kept me waiting for almost two hours until I got to talk to a customer service person, who after a total of about 20 minutes of keeping me on hold insisted that I start the process again. Any problems with Spyware Doctor? Just CANCEL it -- THAT took about 5 minutes -- then if you want, buy it again down the road.

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