Sport Scene / puma sneakers - misleading price advertising

On friday 27 nov 2017 I went shopping at sport scene in cape gate shopping centre located in brackenfell, western cape

The puma sneakers my daughter wanted, was displayed and priced with a huge black tag for r999.

We got the correct size and went to pay.

The lady assisting check for any discount vouchers against my id number and found one for r300.

She rang it up. Big was my surprise when the price on the cash register less the discount voucher, came to r999!!!

I asked what about the r300 discount on the price of r999 as displayed.

No, turned out the box the shoes came in was priced at r1299. So then subtracting the voucher it came to r999. Seriously!!??

Then why the false and misleading price on the display??


Nov 27, 2017

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