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spokeo is supposed to contain information about people, none of which was correct, as I did check on myself AFTER having to pay a memebership fee of $35.00. I notified them that I wanted to cancel membership..they did but you don't get your money back..NO REFUND they keep your money..what a way to do business.
You charge people for something which you don't provide the truth about and get paid for it. Great way to run a business..NO a SCAM...we should have cyberpolice to handle these rip offs...

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    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • Spokeo Customer Care's Response, Jun 07, 2012

    Dear Spokeo User,

    I'm sorry to hear about this. Spokeo does not guarantee full results for every search you perform. When you perform a free basic search, we pull information from what was cached from the last update. If this was a while ago, the information may be outdated. Being a Premium subscriber grants you access to the most up-to-date searches. For this reason, the information may be different than on the preview page. I'm sorry if you were under the wrong impression and hope to assist you in whatever way possible.

    Spokeo showcases the power of information aggregation, as the data is gathered from a multitude of different sources, such as social networks, public records, phone listings, marketing surveys and more. We also organize the information so that it makes sense for you, as a user. However, machine aggregation has its limits. Since there is no human involved, the data is not verified and might not be accurate. Moreover, many sources do not refresh their data often. Our Terms of Use states clearly that we are a Search Engine, and do not create, maintain or modify any of the information you see. For this reason, we cannot guarantee full or accurate information for every name, phone number, email address or username you search for, as the results vary so much from person to person. We are only as good as our sources, and our engineers are working hard on new algorithms to improve our data accuracy. I do apologize again for the inconvenience.

    Please do get in touch with us again, as we would like to resolve this issue for you.


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  • Sr
      Jun 14, 2010 - UNFAIR ADVERTISING
    United States

    This is a "peoplesearch" site scam. They let you do a search for free then tell you they have more information if you pay a subscription. Then, after you purchase a subscription they simply say "There is no more information on your search".
    It is a ROTTEN BUNCH OF LIARS. Then they simply tell you "we don't guarantee results" BUT they tell you they DO have information if you just pay for subscription but then they DON'T!

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  • Ma
      May 22, 2011 - Giving children's information
    United States

    It is annoying and invasive to have one's personal and financial information so easily accessible for a small fee, but Spokeo has crossed the line when it puts children's names and information on its site. I found my preschool granddaughter's information listed even though her parents had requested to be removed from the service. Included was their address and a picture of their house, in addition to the other categories available for viewing. One only needs to pick up the newspaper any day of the week and read about the ends to which child predators will go to lure their prey. It would be easy to lure a child with such information, especially a very young child. It should be illegal to post personal information about anyone under the age of majority. However, at the least, company policy should be changed. It's he moral and socially responsible thing to do.

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  • Ni
      Jun 07, 2012 - Stay away from these guys
    United States

    The reason I purchased a membership is that my spouse of ten years was listed as having a dating website in the non premium section; however there where no dating sites displayed in the premium search. I have since contacted them and they have not offered a refund but promised to look into it. It is my opinion that the site prays on the insecurities of people for profit. In the user agreement it states that spokeo can not guarantee the accuracy of information presented in the search, this information was in and advertisement and was not substantiated. Imagine the stress of suspecting your spouse of cheating. Some of the information provided included a home value in excess of 800k, the home is valued at closer to 125k.

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