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Speedee Delivery / Bad service

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I ordered a snow gage from a company that used Speedee delivery. I wanted to give this as a Christmas present(yes, my friend asked for it). I put the order in on Dec. 5th. and I was notified that it shipped out on the 7th. I waited and waited and finally called the company I ordered the snow gage from and they assured me that they had sent it out on the 7th and they gave me the tracking number. I then called Speedee delivery and they assured me it was on the truck ready to be delivered. Well, it wasn't delivered and finally I called them back today, the 23rd, one day before Christmas eve! I kept getting the run around. Each customer service person said that they would find out for me. Finally I called at 4:00 this evening and the customer service person said they would have their manager call me back. No one called me back. I finally called back at 9:00, and a woman answered. She said she just "Answers the phones" and there were three orders with the same tracking number! She has no idea where my order is and it is Christmas eve tomorrow and I do not have a present. I am SO MAD.


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  • Ri
      16th of May, 2012
    +2 Votes

    Update 2: So I call there at 5:55 PM and this time a man answers and is straight with me. He tells me that, "he is not saying that I am not a priority, but when they have a contract from a seller that says they have a certain amount of days to deliver it, in my case 3 days, that is how long they have to send out the order." Basically, that means if you order something from a company and they have a contact in place, you (the customer) and your paid item's condition do not matter. They honor the contact only. Never-mind your merchandise is riding around town in a truck, getting bumped around and in the heat and cold. If they have 3 days to deliver your package, they will wait the maximum time allowed. Their useless "tracking system" has it out for delivery? Don't hold your breath. What is really messed up is the truck that has my package was in my town yet they did not even deliver it.

    This is a horrible shipping company, another thing that I heard is let's say you leave a polite note asking them to, "Please leave the package at the back door" or something. Nope, unless the company shipping the merchandise tells them a specific place to put it, they put it at your front door and often just leave it in your driveway. If it's not in their contract, you don't matter and they will deliver it at their convenience. I am glad this is not medical supplies or something.

    I will never, ever, EVER use this company again! I could have walked there and got my package quicker! In this case all the horror stories I heard from this business is true. What a joke! I am concerned with my laptop when i do get it. Avoid like the plague unless you want a run around and "the customer does not matter, nor does the safety of your product you paid for in good faith", it must be in the contract or "to hell with it". Anyone who sticks up for this business is either a manager or employee.

  • 40
      11th of Mar, 2014
    +1 Votes

    This is one poorly run company. After 6 days (including weekend) I am still waiting for my small package. There should be no way possible a package should take this long to go from pick up, to central routing (only about 45 miles) then to my home ( about another 45 miles) . To add insult to injury, I paid more than UPS to get this to me!

    So, I called the shipper and nicely told them my story, and said I did not blame them for the inept delivery company, but recommend they never, ever use Spee Dee again, as the next customer may not be as understanding. Lesson to be learned here is this... If you are a shipper and don't want an unsatisfied customer, DO NOT USE Spee Dee Delivery! Please people, do not support lousy service by sending them any business. They do not deserve it. Put them out of our (and their misery)!

  • Sp
      14th of May, 2011
    +1 Votes

    absolutely horrid service. I dropped off a package Thursday at 4pm and they assured me that the order would be delivered the next day Friday. When tracking the package it showed that it went out for delivery that Friday morning at 7:30am. I was assuming that that information was reliable. 5:30 Friday evening I checked again assuming a delivered status and it showed another arrival scan for the package back at the warehouse! I immediately called and was told that it was after hours and that I would have to call on Monday, and that she just answers the phone! There was no information and no reason why the package was not delivered. The package just rode on the truck around town all day and was brought back to the station (assuming the information they provide online is correct)! I should also mention that the delivery address is only 9miles from the warehouse. 4 days to deliver a package in town, I could have crawled there with my hands tied behind my back and delivered it sooner! by the way this is not the first time this happened, the first time I thought may have been a fluke as things happen sometimes and figured I would give them another shot, boy was I wrong. don't waste your time or money, go with a company that cares. Its amazing that they are still in business, considering all they do is "deliver" packages and they cant even do that right!

  • Ro
      8th of Dec, 2017
    0 Votes

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  • Ri
      16th of May, 2012
    +1 Votes

    Spee-Dee has lived up to it's "reputation" of being a bad delivery company. My package was "Out for Delivery" yesterday at 8 am. So I call there at 6:30 pm and the lady is polite but tells me, "Well, the drivers deliver up until 7:30 pm. If it does not get there by today, call us tomorrow at 7 am."

    Alright, so then at 8:30 pm, the website updates and says its back in Aurora at 6:13 pm. Now today, since 9:20 am it's been out for delivery. Called there today about 8:15 am, they asked for the tracking number and the lady tells me, "I see what you are talking about, well maybe the driver ran out of time or the truck broke down. They will reattempt delivery today".

    I mean, I know USPS/UPS/FEDEX mess up too, but this company seems to have the exact problems everyone keeps talking about with reviews online. I never heard of them before and my experience is matching what was said. I am not confident the package will get there today and in one piece but guess I will see soon. I will report back either way.

    Update: 5:30 PM the day AFTER my package was OUT FOR DELIVERY and still no package. I guess they like customer packages riding in the back of their trucks more than actually delivering packages. I will never accept another shipment with Spee-Dee and now I know why I never heard of them before! This is a laptop and not so good for it to be riding in a delivery truck around town. I am going to complain to both Spee-Dee and the company that shipped it.

  • Sp
      14th of Jan, 2015
    0 Votes

    You get what you pay for with Spee-Dee. Low cost shipping & the lowest quality delivery possible. Will never ever use them again. A pile of crap is putting it mildly. And try to get them to return calls or talk to somebody important who should care. It won't happen!

  • Ra
      26th of Jun, 2015
    0 Votes

    I feel your pain. My horrible experience with this god awful company is disgusting. Found this on another blog. It sums-up everything above.
    January 22, 2015

    “When Your Package Delivery Service Takes The Wrong Turn And The Punishment Continues”

    Dear Don, Timm, Mark, Tom, Frank, and the Spee-Dee Delivery Family,

    You should thank me for sending out such a polite letter to our customers and vendors, many of which in turn are your customers, notifying them of the unacceptable services offered by Spee-Dee Delivery to WIS. But from my experience, thanking people is far beneath you and your company. Don, Timm, and other management personnel; myself included, all know that the *** starts at the top and rolls down-hill. Therefore, you can all be proud as you sit on your perches and *** on all those down below. Be it your customers, your vendors or your employees. In this you have succeeded and can stand proud! Really? Succeeded? How and why?

    Read on...

    ...Then at the end of the day you go home to your families or significant others and when they ask how was your day at work? You can proudly tell them that you crapped on another customer today, but you know honey, that's a way of life with me. There will always be more customers. And you know, I've always done it that way and will continue doing the same, because that's what makes me so successful. People look up to me for guidance and direction and I promptly *** all over them. Truth be known, these actions are shameful...

    ...Now let's talk about employees, perhaps the motto of Spee-Dee Delivery should be, we stand behind bad employees at all costs. If your customers call you out on these actions you need to punish them, and you need to continue punishing those customers until they go away. What punishment are we referring to?...Purposely delaying delivery and put on the night-time delivery route. What a great game plan. FYI: We were punished again on Tuesday. And once again I am forced to share these horrible experiences with my customers and others who were included in your punishment. How is this good for Spee-Dee? I don’t want to have to share these experiences, but Spee-Dee is forcing my hand with their continued bad service. Once again, why?

    While we're on this page, let's talk about Mr. Nick P. Cottello, driver extraordinaire. The root of the problem. In the past he would visit our company two to three times per week. On nearly every visit we could count on one thing, him complaining, complaining how much he hates his job, how he hates the weather, amongst other things and how he can't wait to retire and move out East so he can watch NASCAR 24/7. You will like this, on another occasion I informed him that his tail lights, both brake and turn signals on his delivery truck were not working. His response as he smirked, I don't care, it's not my truck. Let's not worry about the drivers following him! By the way, his tail lights didn't work for the following month. Tom, get on that, you are safety manager. Other visits, as you know, he would kick our eight pound dog out of the way, probably because he hates dogs and then to justify the kick he would falsely accuse the dog of biting him. So often that Jessica, our office manager screamed at him to shut-up. Yes we have many witnesses to this. And we all know about the incident where Nick felt it was necessary to have the police involved in a so called injury the size of a pinhead, once again blaming it on the dog, enough has been said on that topic. Nick P. Cottello…what an all-star! As I said in the past, apparently he does indeed walk on water. All he is in our minds is a miserable person who hates his existence. If any of you need recommendations on how to handle bad employees of this nature, please contact me. Myself, I wouldn’t hire him to take out the garbage. Enough on that subject. Let's move on...

    …Frank Arellano and Thomas Shay, both of you have told me it is too costly to fix the wrongs within your company. However, with this mindset you are putting a price on integrity. That is disgusting and ridiculous! How and why any company would act in this manner is an unknown and makes no sense? Perhaps it's in the company's business plan? Or perhaps it is just a way of life within Spee-Dee, with no change on the horizon? How sad...

    ...Don, I’ve read your story. You’ve been doing this for some 37 years and should be proud of your accomplishments. You have the power to make change. Now I don't know the inner workings of your company, nor do I care to know them. I'm more or less an outsider looking in. And all I see is a disastrous path for a company with the ethics and morals you and your company apparently preach. It is sad that this is the road you have chosen. As we all know, bad customer service is contagious. Don, Timm, Mark, Frank, Tom, is there any way that you can somehow justify these actions? Is this business as usual or just a fluke? A fluke it is not. I’ve read all the blogs regarding Spee-Dee Delivery and they’re not pretty. So how does Spee-Dee get back on track and be the company they need to be?

    I think all of you, yes all of you need to do some serious soul searching. You’re not perfect, I’m not perfect, but you need to treat others as you would expect to be treated yourselves. More than anything, you need to listen. You need to listen to your most valuable asset, your customers. Perhaps stand back and act as though you are the outsider looking in. The truth is there and the truth may be painful, but it is what it is. You are the ones that need to fix your broken method of conducting everyday business and the broken product you offer. You are the ones that need to make the necessary changes, painful or not. It’s a matter of doing the right thing. Get rid of the trash within and move forward. You say you are a growing company. But when growth slows or eventually ends, what will the mindset be as fingers are pointed? Make the changes now. Change can be good. Change can motivate not only your good employees but also the average middle of the road employees and maybe, just possibly, the bottom dwellers.

    And perhaps then you can go home at the end of the day and proudly tell your family that it was a good, I mean a great day! You can proudly tell them that you learned some important lessons today, you acted upon them and you took it to heart and will never let it happen again.

    Then change will happen and it will feel good for all involved. And any outsider looking in will say what a great company Spee-Dee Delivery is because of how much they care and respect the people and the companies they serve. Then perhaps someday in the not so distant future all of you can say, I work for a great company, I have great customers, great employees and life is good.

    Good luck to all

  • Ac
      1st of May, 2017
    0 Votes

    I ordered 15 wooden trim corner blocks on the 21 of April. They shipped they through speeder delivery. Per the tracking number it said it arrived on the 26. I sent a email to the company on the 27 with no answer back. I call on the 1st of April the customer service representative told me my package was damaged in trasit that menards had to contact them. I ask her where my package was she said in their hub in north Platte. I requested my packed be delivered anyway broken or not I would just take it to the store myself. She said the can't do that because it was on its way back to somewhere else caught in a lie. Then I called her out on her lie and she hung up on me. This company is a joke!!!

  • An
      8th of Dec, 2017
    0 Votes

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  • Ge
      9th of Mar, 2018
    0 Votes

    I also run a company. Spee Dee is now banned from our plants. We have notified our clients that we will not accept or ship packages using spee dee. We cannot afford the customer complaints and issues that arise from their complete and utter incompetence. Furthermore, their customer service parallels their horrible delivery track Record.

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