Southern Motors / car dealer

Beware of buying a car from this dealer southern motors.. Go and view the car is a must, as some of the info they provide is bull [censored], I asked specific questions regarding the car I purchased and was guaranteed by the sales guy leeroy that everything was in order unfortunately I have to folk out more cash at my own expensive to fix the things that they assured me were all working, some of the problems I have had are electrically I was assured everything was working correctly lie I now have to pull out the dash and probably replace most everything in there to get it working correctly, there is no rust in the car whatsoever lie, the driver side floor almost needs to be replaced with a new pan more $, there have been a few other thing crop up also that I won't bother going in to it but all in all, all they needed to do is actually disclose this info and at least I could have made an informed decision instead of lying about it, the sales guy leeroy talks more about himself when you call to get info about a car just a real phony salesman [censored] talker.

I want to add that when I discovered these problems on the car I purchased from southern motors I sent a detailed email to the boss there david witt i'm still listening to crickets absolute silence nada-nothing, I haven't even been giving the courtesy of a response this guy is just as bad as his crappy sales guy, I didn't even demand a massive amount of cash or anything, it could have been settled easily with a couple of thousand dollars I reckon, I mean I paid southern motor 38k at least they could do is respond to an email and try and help.

Beware of southern motors david witt-leeroy= bull [censored]

Jun 03, 2018

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