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Pontotoc, MS, United States
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We purchased a Southern Motion power sofa and power recliner from Stacy's Furniture delivered in February of 2017 with the 5-year Premium 1 Guardian protection plan. We have had electrical problems from the date of delivery with the recliner. Now we are having problems with the sofa and recliner with cushions, and possibly spring/frame problem in addition to the initial electrical problem. At the very beginning we were told by Stacy's sales representative to come in and chose another recliner.
Stacy's did will not honor their commitment to replace the chair in addition to the repairs to the cushion and the possible spring/frame problems on the left hand side of the sofa, even though they are covered by the Southern Motion limited lifetime warranty. It will cost us ~$250 to cover labor assuming the person doing the work receives the stuffing and cushions. We have given up on the electrical problem sense we no longer care about it.
We have been married for 37 years and have purchased sofas and chairs in 6 of the 7 homes we purchased. Never have we experienced such issues, not even with some of the large national brands we purchased.
I called and wrote to Southern Motion to see if they will correct the problems with the couch and chair. They never responded.
Before you consider a Southern Motion sofa, or purchasing anything at Stacy's, you should consider other suppliers that back up their product and their word.

Oct 20, 2018

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