Southern Fidelity Insurance / Refusal of Ins. Co to pay Claim

1 Bradenton, FL, United States

My husband and I had to update some plumbing from the street water meter to the house. During that inspection he noticed we had extensive water and mold damage under the master bathroom. He told us about it and we called our contractor, then made a claim with our insurance company. It would cost us over $15, 000 to gut the entire bathroom and get rid of the mold issue. New plumbing was needed, walls, floors, shower, shower tile and floor tile had to be replaced. The insurance adjustor came by the house, didn't want to crawl under the house as he "had such nice clothes on!" So he based his interpretation on the few blurry photos that were taken by the previous plumber. Then Southern Fidelity said it was time for us to renew our annual policy. So we did. Just when they received our renewal $$$, they DENIED the claim. Said they didn't cover that type of damage.
Just a warning to anyone thinking about using this insurance company...DON'T!!!

May 12, 2015

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