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This link above is supposedly the job that was advertised by what i thought was a reliable site like Reeds. Hearing the words events, plus an actual stated salary I thought I was replying to an amazing opportunity. I replied late into the afternoon, and by the next day a lady called Courtney called me to set up an immediate interview, also stating there has been an immense interest in this job so I had to act fast. By Monday morning I headed to there office, all the while thinking this office was set in the backstreets of Southwark, but when I got to the office I was informed this was due to Hector living locally and wanting to be there for his children, and not miss things due to work commitments. When I entered the office I was made to fill out another form and wait to be seen by the owner of the company Hector Montalvo. Let me tell you, this guy has all the right things to say!! He showed me a quick presentation about what they do, throwing in a few big names along the way. Then he made notes on my CV and before I knew it I was out of the office waiting for a phone call at 4. I received the call and was asked to go back the next day to observe. I thought after years of trying and studying I had finally been given a break. I overshadowed for the whole day, all the while being spoon fed all this crap about all the opportunities I would have come my way. What can I say I fell for it all and by the end of the week had all my in house training and was ready to start work. I was told I would have to go on what is known as a "road trip" only finding out after these are optional. I paid for my travel, accommodation and food while there. All the while the others I were with, all seemed like this was normal. All in all I paid 240 pounds for 5 days, to then be told I was to only receive a wage of 55pounds as that was the total of my sales. Also if the customer is in fact to cancel I would not receive anything, after putting in 12 hour shifts for 5 days!! This however was explained differently to me on my observation day and I was given a rough estimation of what I can potentially be on. So after a disastrous week, I left the company only to find this site and read all this. I feel sorry for the employees there, they have been brainwashed and promised management at the end of the year, which isn't actually certain. When I inquired bout things I was brushed off and told I did not work to my full potential and I let other commitments get in the way. But isn't that why Hector has his company where it is? To not let work over run his life? So working 12 hour shifts plus paying out for my expenses is not me working to my full potential? All the staff there are young and fed all this crap bout incentives and have these weekly meetings that are meant to drive your ambition. I would receive texts and read passages from others to apparently "drive" me to achieve. I have since left, also leaving my part time job for this job, now out of pocket and in debt. I have had to sign on to job seekers allowance all because I fell for their industries biggest lie "feel good factors". Avoid this place at all costs!!

Feb 27, 2013
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  • Ki
      Dec 21, 2017

    crap place

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  • Jj
      Oct 07, 2018

    Hey, the same company has just opened up an office in Leeds, under the name 'Immensus Associates' with Jamila Zadran. Wasted so much time during the "interview" stages. This company is linked to a long list: Source Marketing Direct with Hector Montalvo, Live Marketing Direct with Tom Harris and Galaxy Marketing with Warren Roach. They're under Ea Worldwide Acquisitions, run by Josh Cote. 100% commission. 100% waste of time.

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