Sorbet Group / sorbet dry bar - bedford centre

Bedfordview, South Africa

The Sorbet Dry Bar in Bedford Centre is filthy! The staff are wild and noisy. Customer service is poor and the whole environment and experience is unpleasant due to lack of professionalism. If a Sorbet store cannot be managed by the owner on a full-time daily basis, please consider closing the store down or fine the owner for neglect. Sorbet stores run unprofessionally give the Sorbet brand a very bad reputation in the beauty industry. I have read a few of the complaints from various customers, the underlying issue with Sorbet Stores is poor service, inferior products and general neglect of the store and customer. There is only one Sorbet store I would recommend for being managed by the actual owner and which is clean and professional, Sorbet Senderwood. Well done to them! And to think Sorbet Stores have opened in the UK, that was a very bold, brave step considering the brands ailing reputation in South Africa.

Oct 19, 2018

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