Sorbet Groupservice at sorbet cresta

Yesterday I went to Cresta Sorbet to have a pedicure done. Worst service ever. I always visited Sorbet in Durban however this was the worst experience. Not friendly at all. The lady that attended to me was very snobbish. I had asked for a buff and paint including glitter paint as well but no one informed that it was going to be R10 more than the original price. After the lady informed me that she was done, I told her that I was not happy with the one toe due to how the glitter was painted on. Both my feet looked different and did not show the same design. Also the paint was not neatly done as it split on my skin as well and was not cleaned up afterwards. When I informed the lady that I was unhappy, she replied with there is nothing I can do as the glitter is already hard and she also lied to my face that while I am in the shower the glitter paint will come off. I kept quiet as I did not want to make a scene however I am very upset and belittled by the person who helped me. I will never go back there and this has a very bad effect on the Sorbet brand. I have been in customer service for over 4 years and that is not how you treat paying customers. You could just see how lazy and sloppy they were.

Nov 26, 2018

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