Sony Camera DSX-TX10 / front panel crack automatically

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By trusting SONY and service support I bought one Sony cyber shot dsc-tx10 50i model camera on 12/10/2012 with one year extended warranty.
The camera front panel got crack automatically 4 times in warranty period and the dealer Jumbo replaced in warranty.

Note : The Camera is certified waterproof, dust proof, shockproof and freeze-proof.

Again the complaint came and submitted to carrefour muscat city center as the warranty expired and it was in extended warranty and they replaced under extended warranty.
Now its happen as the same before and requested the service support from carrefour, but the customer support staff rejected the extended warranty - Mr. Taha employee id no : 541407 .

Its clear that the camera having some alignment problem related to the front case or body. I lost the using of camera for approximately 4 months as I given it for the complaint 4 times to Jumbo and Seeb City Center. The extended warranty will expire on october 2014. So I request to change/exchange the camera or confirm the extended warranty for the same for another one year..

Enclosed : photographs, screen shot from carrefour last repair, the bill.

Kindly do the needful.

Sony Camera DSX-TX10
Sony Camera DSX-TX10
Sony Camera DSX-TX10
Sony Camera DSX-TX10

Aug 06, 2014

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