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I feel completely taken by Sono Bello. I went in for my consultation and my consultant looked at my body and promised me the results I was desperate for. I asked many questions and was assured it was a safe, easy procedure. Among other things I was told that pain and recovery time would be minor, that it would in no way effect pregnancy, and that I would see results very quickly. Not true on all counts. My recovery was brutal, very painful and long. I was left with so much scar tissue that I now have to have treatment to try and reduce because this will be problematic when I try to carry a baby. My results are nonexistent. Every time I went in for a follow up with no results they would say "o well it takes 3 months" 3 months later "o well it takes 6 months" and so on. The scar tissue has formed so many bumps on my stomach that it looks like I am bigger than I was. I went back to Sono Bello to see what they would do for me, the nurse said I could see my dr again and they'd give me another surgery or discounted treatment for my surgery. She said she'd talk to my dr and call me within 2 days. A week passed, I called her and she said that she and the dr didn't think my scar tissue was bad enough for them to treat and that I should lose more weight because if I did I'd be happier. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!! That's what my $5000 got me? Sono Bello was very good at convincing me that this was a good decision and once the money was paid they were done with me. If I knew then what I know now I would never have done it; they took me. Please stay away from Sono Bello!


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  22nd of Aug, 2011
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Sono Bello is a complete rip-off! All they do is scam people out of money.
  7th of Mar, 2012
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There was no need to make our appointment at the Bellevue WA office. Even though we arrived a half hour early, 55 min. later they were still "running late" even though there was no one in the lobby for half of the time we waited. And 55 minutes later we decided to leave and complain online. Only one problem, their business cards have no names on them, and the chat line always tells you the complaint center is closed...but don't worry they will forward to the appropriate persons...it's unknown who they are though.
  7th of Mar, 2012
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Sonobello has customer service comparable to a fast food restaurant, and really scarry that a surgery center can treat customers or potential customers this way.
  14th of Mar, 2012
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Dear Sono Bello true event,
We are very sorry if you had to wait for your consultation. At Sono Bello we do our best to provide all our patients the information necessary to help them understand what is possible and not with our procedures. This means at times that our appointments may run a little long to insure that all our patient’s questions are answered. Please contact me at your earliest opportunity to discuss your experience dirpc@sonobello.com
  18th of Apr, 2012
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I have had a similar experience. I am a month shy of being one year out of having inner/outter thighs, upper and lower abs and love handle areas done. This also would include the redirect surgery they had to do in Jan of this yr (2012) to my inner thighs as they had/still have large dents and just weirdness to their shape. $6700 down the drain I tell you! I contacted the website and did a live chat with someone who assured me that she forwarded our conversation to the proper people and someone would contact me. Well, that was yesterday...still waiting. I am devastated! They told me I was a great candidate since I was thin to begin with. Now, my skin looks like its trying to leave my body in a lumpy mess!
I just saw my before/after photos on Friday...HOLY CRAP FOLKS!!! I look like hell! Bathing suit? Forget it! I'll never be able to wear one again:( I am vegan, I'm a runner, workout 4-6 days a week, 75% of my diet is raw. I am so sad. What can I do?
  29th of May, 2012
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Geez! I was gonna get something done, thank god you guys warned me! If I do change my mind im going to bring my lawyer friend so I can sue their ### if it goes wrong..
  6th of Jun, 2012
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Well, now the front office of Sono Bello has agreed that I am not in the best shape. So, I would like to avoid more surgery like the plague. In light of that, they have agreed to do several Vela treatments on my abs, that look like a bowl of lumpy oatmeal. After this, another surgeon in the office will re evaluate my situation and we will go from there. If I have to wear that garment again...I'm gonna have a stroke!!!
  21st of Jul, 2012
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I had my arms done and what a mistake! Now I have not only saggy arms, they are all wrinkly and dimply! I can never wear short sleeves again! They told me that happens sometimes. Hello!! If you would of told me this upfront I NEVER would of done it!
  13th of Aug, 2012
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I requested general anesthesia but I was reassured that it's painless. I was sedated (ONLY) I had the stomach, thighs, back, hips and arms done. The liposuction procedure was very painful, especially around the stomach. I felt everything. I tried to inhale as much nitrous oxide hoping it would put me out but the doctor told me not to and turned it off for about couple of minutes. I was making faces and breathing heavily through my mouth coz of the pain then all of a sudden, in the middle of my liposuction, the doctor stopped then said, "it seems like I am hurting you, would you like me to stop and not continue on with this?" OMG, what the heck was I supposed to say? We have already started. Can you imagine what I was feeling when I was told that my surgery will be broken down into 3 sessions. I had to come back 2 more times (a month duration/session). After everything was done, few months later I noticed sections that obviously were missed, everything is so uneven. The over 10 sites where they were poking around, left keloids that looks like I had vaccinations on left and right side of my body, from my bra roll all the way to my thighs right above the knees. They are dark and raised. I paid $12, 000 "IN CASH". It took a long time to save that money for the liposuction. I dont mean to complain but I feel like I just handed them the money for nothing..the result SUCKS SO BAD!!! I have dots everywhere and they look really gross! I just want them to do fix me up and do something about the areas they obviously missed. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to have them fix me up and do a retouch? I cry every time I look in the mirror. I dont know if there are groups of people hear ready to take legal actions against Sonobello. Please contact me if there is such thing. Legal actions or just at least retouch the areas they missed.
  21st of Oct, 2013
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It's very distressing to see all these bad reviews, I wish I had done my homework. I just had lipo done 3 days ago on my stomach, hips, waist and chin. There is so much I agree with that happened to me as well. What really upset me was I emailed the consultant who was my point of contact and told her my stomach looked like ground up beef and I was concerned. She forwarded my message to the nurse and said "Urgggggg WTF". The nurse unknowably left that message on from the consultant when she replied to me. The nurse backpedaled through it but there is no denying after spending 8K dollars you cant even be treated humanely. She got her commission check and was done with me.
  9th of Apr, 2014
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I was ripped off by the "Face of Sono Bello". I was told that the surgeon removed 1 Liter of fat. Its three months later and I still have my muffin top and love handles, and my bra rolls.

The office manager said Dr. Zigaro was the best and encouraged me to get additional procedure which totaled $9700.

I was told to expect bruising, pain, and swelling. Nothing happened the puncture wounds drained overnight. I was able to move around the second day and was running by the third day and the wounds started scabbing over. Three months post surgery no change, I am still weight the same, and have muffin top, LH, and bra rolls.

I was hoping to get results; but I was taken by Sono Bello. I cant get my money back nor will any other plastic surgeon take me as a new client. I wish I had read all the bad reviews about sono bello before having the procedure. I could have saved $9700.
  13th of Jan, 2015
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Ladies, Thank You all for posting!! I URGE each of you to contact a personal injury attorney! (Make a list of "non-disclosure" items--what did the NOT tell you? No pain? No scarring?) Shop until you get one who says yes. Perhaps, you should all get together and file a CLASS ACTION suit against Sono Bello. The local anesthetic is unconscionable for lipo. The scarring is also unconscionable. Get together and file a class action against these opportunistic ###!
  6th of Feb, 2016
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I woke up late this morning and had an appointment with them. I went on line to look up the number and call to see if I could reschedule. Im sooooo glad I read these post instead of calling. I can live with a lil extra love handle than go through all the pain and misery that every one else has gone through. Sono will NEVA see me!!!
  6th of Jul, 2016
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I have an appointment July 07, 2016 and I'm so glad I read these complaints. I'm so sorry for all the people on here that were scammed and disfigured...SO SAD
  26th of Aug, 2016
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I just cancelled my consutation in Austin Tx after reading so many of your testimonies. So sorry for you all. Ill seek out a board certified
Plastic surgeon. Thank you so much for your testimonies.
  10th of Jan, 2017
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Well just checked Sono Bello of my list Thank You to ALL the truely beautiful people who cared enough to speak up to help others from being bilked out of their money just remember beauty really does start from the inside!!!
  6th of Mar, 2017
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Thank God I read these reviews. Definitely not using this place
  10th of Jul, 2017
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  10th of Jul, 2017
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To all Solo Bello Victims who reviewed above and still have not...You must for sake of truth and honesty
Too many Scams in our lives they play on your worst weakness! Women seem to be targeted more.

Stand up for yourselves and fight back if possible! The TV ads are so annoying too!
Can anyone group stop this practice?!
  28th of Oct, 2017
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I would like to thank everyone for their honesty. I ALMOST was a sucker for this place. I'm cancelling my appointment. Good luck to all those victimized by this quack shack.

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